Getting a thicker penis: is thickening surgery safe?

Penis thickening surgery Penis thickening, a surgery in high demand lately. Every month we get many questions to our e-mail or comments on this website asking about whether surgery to increase the thickness of the penis is a myth or a reality. There are many people who even today still think that it is an […]

Penis thickening surgery

Penis thickening, a surgery in high demand lately.

Every month we get many questions to our e-mail or comments on this website asking about whether surgery to increase the thickness of the penis is a myth or a reality. There are many people who even today still think that it is an unreliable or ineffective therapy, some consider it unsafe and nothing could be further from the truth.

Many men who are concerned about the circumference of the penis ask for a treatment that can solve their concerns when it comes to having sex:

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Doubts about penis size

Penis size is a growing concern, we could almost say alarmingly. One of the most frequent searches on Google on the subject is related to this dilemma and it is something that we in our practice see day by day. The fact is that, in reality, from a certain size onwards, the concerns seem to be somewhat unfounded (according to the feminine gender) but whatever the case there is always a debate about whether “size matters” as much as men think.

Of course there are different cases, which have no sign of being a problem that can be solved from the “psychological” level. We have always treated patients whose self-esteem radically appreciates the help of the scalpel because they carry deep complexes related to a small penis (short, or with only a few centimeters in length) because it is often impossible for them to give and receive pleasure. They are patients who benefit from a double therapeutic function: psychological and physical.

The trend we have been observing for 5-10 years, nonetheless, is very different. We are talking about men who develop anxiety and obsession even when their parts are perfectly capable of giving and receiving pleasure, with lengths and volumes that fit perfectly into normality, but for aesthetic or functional reasons they want more.

Has the average size gone down? Very probably not, nor are they any finer now. New standards introduced by advertising and pornography? Very probably yes.

From a strictly medical point of view, few men need to go into the operating room, but almost all of them allude to being able to feel better or safer by gaining some size. We believe there is nothing wrong with that, quite the opposite. What happens is that, probably due to some misinformation, many demand impossible goals or objectives. Worse still, disinformation on the Internet leads them to dangerous practices such as jelqing or to spend huge amounts of money on drugs (creams or pills) that promise a lot and do not give any results.

Just as the surgical intervention to obtain length in the penis is safe although not miraculous (we have performed it for many years with realistic results and promises) and can be applied in a general way, the intervention that promises to increase the diameter of the circumference of the virile member (to make it less thin) has important technical features that prevent it from being indicated to gain mass to any patient, without having some prior considerations.

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What are the techniques available to thicken the penis?

Increasing the thickness of the penis seems to be a difficult task since it is a complex organ of which the aesthetic aspect is so important and in this way, many men (with serious size problems) are not even informed about the available therapeutic options.

And although it seems complicated, already thousands of men around the world are benefiting from these new surgical techniques that allow not only thickening thin or weak penises but also improving the self-esteem and sexual life of the patient, and their sexual partner by course.

In our clinic we are specialists in this type of treatment and we have hundreds of successful cases under our belt that speak of our high commitment to guaranteeing positive and effective results with a very good level of safety, with minimal complications.

Among the techniques to enlarge and thicken the virile member we have:


Penuma® is the first device (penile implant type) that has been approved by the Food and Drugs Administration of the United States (FDA) to improve penis dimensions through surgery, and since 2004, thousands of men have already been benefited.

It was developed by the best specialists in urological surgery in the world, members of the main associations is medical, where they have presented the amazing results that Penuma®.

What are the unique features of Penuma®?

How is the surgery?

The implantation of the Penuma® device is performed with a minor surgery and takes a very short time (about 45 or 60 minutes), under local anesthesia and while the patient is conscious.

The incisions are very small so there is little risk of scarring (or they are tiny and difficult to notice).

Recovery time is also very short, so the patient can return to the daily routine in about two to four days after surgery.

The effectiveness has been very well demonstrated and the satisfaction of the patients is clear: they have significantly improved the penis enlargement, which gives them security when having sexual intercourse because they stop worrying about being “insufficient” with their partners.

In addition to the high effectiveness of the treatment, the adverse effects are very rare and not serious, such as itching, discomfort or some swelling. The material with which it is manufactured is of the highest technology and does not produce allergies or hypersensitivity reactions.

Egydio Technique

This promising innovation in the field of surgery was patented in Brazil by the renowned Dr. Paulo Egydio and is world-renowned thanks to its incredible results improving not only the thickness of the penis, but also its size, within what natural limits allow.

The Egydio technique consists of the placement of an implant inside the penis after a procedure that rearranges the structures of the member so that it not only has a better size, but also its shape is optimized.

The latter is especially useful when, for different reasons, the penis is deformed or very curved (a pathology known as Peyronie’s disease if it is acquired in adult life) or the male has already been born with said curvature (congenital curvature), which that could make sex difficult, cause pain, and be unsightly.

How is the penis thickening done with the Egydio technique?

First and with local anesthesia (so the patient can be awake throughout the surgery), the surgeon can begin the operation.

The steps of this operation are:

In which cases to resort to the Egydio technique?

This technique has proven to be useful to thicken the penis, as well as to permanently lengthen it, but it also has other clinical applications such as:

Why is this technique so special compared to the others?

The Egydio technique differs from all the others because its method is based on achieving not only a larger size but a better shape of the penis, taking into account the principles member geometries.

This means that the Egydio technique seeks to be as natural as possible, without generating deformations or structural changes in the penis. The virile organ remains the same, but naturally improved.

In fact, it is technically impossible with the naked eye to tell whether a penis has an implant inside it. It looks completely the same as a penis that has not received this treatment, and for this reason patients are so satisfied with the treatment.

Another great advantage of this method is that it allows the erection of the penis completely and voluntarily. When the man wants to enter a state of erection, he only has to press the pump device hidden inside the scrotum a few times and at the end of the sexual act, he does the same to induce flaccidity.

The latter is key. In the past, penile implants were always firm and many men were afraid of it being noticed but this is not the case with the Egydio technique, because the inserted device can become flaccid and relaxes the penis in a matter of seconds.

Penis liposculpture

The intervention that achieves a greater volume in the penis is carried out by transferring fat to the patient’s own penis (penile lipostructure). It is not a matter of extracting fat and injecting it directly under the skin of the penis, which would cause a grotesque result, but of preparing the area and introducing the dermo-fat graft having previously studied and prepared the material with respect to the morphology presented.

It is performed in an operating room and general anaesthesia is not necessary, but as in other treatments (penile curve, penile prosthesis, etc.) local anaesthesia can be used under pharmacological sedation (real sleep induction, with the area to intervene completely asleep).

The lip implant is extracted from the thigh or abdomen, is previously manipulated (selected, cleaned, etc.) and is placed in the most proportionate way possible in the penis, previously “stripped” of the skin in the operating room.

Different materials are beginning to be used that imitate the patient’s own autologous fat, such as collagen bands, or composite materials (hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite, etc.) specifically prepared for this intention… but at the moment the results are not completely safe either.

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Advantages and disadvantages of penile liposculpture

In order to provide the best possible frame of reference for all those men who plan to undergo an intervention of this type, in this section we will discuss the main advantages and disadvantages of penile liposculpture:

  • Fast and long-lasting effect, changes are instantly noticeable after treatment.
  • Increase in the girth of the penis.
  • The penis looks like it is longer.
  • There is no risk of allergies (because it is a tissue extracted from the body itself, so there is no rejection).
  • Taking into account that the fatty tissue can be reabsorbed, in some cases, the penis enlargement can diminish after a certain time.
  • Also, it could happen that the fat implanted in the penis can move or accumulate in one place, causing the shape of the penis to change.

Pre-treatment preparation

Regardless of the technique used to promote the thickness or size of the virile member, it is important that the man who wishes to undergo the treatment follow the following indications:

Having chosen the ideal treatment, the patient’s preparations begin which should include:

What care should I have after the intervention?

Every teaThe procedure is unique and has its own precautions after it has been performed, but in general the care is as follows:

What is the best option to thicken the member?

Each case is unique: the size of the penis, the patient’s expectations, the doctor’s opinion and the options available.

In the pre-intervention consultations (whatever), the pros and cons of each technique and the results that could be achieved, in terms of size, are discussed.

However, each technique has its characteristics:

Does penis thickening work? Is this surgery 100% safe?

In our experience, penis thickening is a technique that is under continuous revision, being improved day by day, but that still cannot be indicated in a general way in the majority of cases as we do with lengthening surgery. But be careful, stressing the… “still”, and emphasizing the… “in most cases”.

Why do we say that it cannot yet be indicated in a general way in all cases?

In our Andromedi Clinics in Madrid, Seville and the Canary Islands we use the technique of thickening in a punctual and specific way when the case we are dealing with demands it. For example, we often apply the fat transfer technique when a patient needs a localized reconstruction phalloplasty, that is, not for the entire length of his penis, but somewhere in it. Accidents, congenital malformations, previous interventions in other clinics that have not gone well, tissue necrosis and other unusual diseases are the cases in which we usually apply this solution within a combined treatment.

Then, speaking in a more aesthetic plane (or far from a reconstruction treatment), there are also cases in which, after studying the patient, we see it possible and safe to implement the technique to satisfy an aesthetic demand, since we foresee that uniform, long-lasting and safe results will be obtained.

Contraindications to this surgical intervention: When NOT to perform

Rather than rigid “contraindications”, the following conditions can complicate the treatment of penile enlargement and it is preferable not to perform it:

What are the most common complications of this surgery?

The most common complications of penis enlargement

These contra-indications and risks still exceed the threshold of what we could classify as a safe intervention to apply it with aesthetic motives in general, which leads us to be cautious, restrained and conservative is the prevention of future problems.

Right now, in real time, techniques, lines of research and technologies are being perfected and developed that will surely make us take solid steps to achieve universal results with better prognosis, and go from being a surgery with a lot of risk, to being a safe and effective surgery in 100% of cases.

At our Andromedi Clinics in Madrid, Seville and the Canary Islands we are very aware of the advances in the use of fat grafts with plasma rich in growth factors or with stem cells to give the transplant as a whole a regenerative and agglutinating character, giving greater consistency and uniformity to the entire cellular process (avoiding fat reabsorption). It is also worth mentioning the advances in new materials of “synthetic skins”, which until now did not give good results but that little by little are giving samples of which in the medium term can give us very interesting results.

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Why are there Clinics that offer it in a general way to any patient?

Well, this is a complex question that requires an elaborate answer. The quick answer is probably for economic reasons, but it’s not that simple. It must be borne in mind that there are medical centres that are experts in fat transfer techniques (not only penile, but also general) whose rates of problematic cases will be lower than those of other clinics. In other words, they are experts and fail less. But believe us: they also fail, because as we said earlier in this article, even the techniques are not as stable and safe as they should be to be offered in all cases.

It is the medical duty of any urologist to make prevail the real functionality of a penis that could perhaps be thicker, as opposed to an operated penis that becomes useless after a severe complication. It is necessary to work honestly and above all safely.

That is why we repeat that we have to go case by case, person by person, patient by patient. The success of this surgery is often forged before entering the operating room, in previous consultations, where we can assess all the details that influence (anatomy, clinical history, tissue quality, scarring, etc.) an optimal result.

Doctor explicando la columna vertebral azul

Frequently asked questions at the Andromedi centres in Madrid, Seville and Tenerife



How many centimetres are usually gained in thickness with penis thickening?

It depends on each patient, their particular conditions and as far as the surgeon can go, but speaking in a range where the technique does not involve a high risk, we speak of between 1 and 2 cm in diameter at most. Going beyond these figures increases the risk.

I have heard that with this intervention the thickness gained is in a state of flaccidity. Is this true?

You can’t say that you don’t notice anything at all when is erected, but we can say that you really notice it when is in resting state. You have to think that if the patient’s erection is of medium or large size, once the penis gains length the transferred fat is distributed evenly. Therefore, those people are seeking a thicker erection.

What about the glans? Can this area of the penis also be thickened?

If the techniques of penis thickening have to be treated cautiously and always going to Centers that have a lot of experience, the techniques of glans thickening on the other hand we totally discourage them. They are based on the controlled inoculation of synthetic material into the glans, which can lead to a number of problems. The volume of the glans is indeed increased, but it rarely leads to a natural and satisfactory aesthetic result. As an added counter-indication, it numbs the nerve endings in this important area of the penis.

I underwent an operation to increase the thickness of my penis and I am not happy. What can I do?

There is no simple and general answer, since each case is a world and an operation of this type badly performed can generate a multitude of unique and special problems. The ideal would be to go to a center specializing in reconstructive phalloplasty as is our case and thoroughly review which have been the errors of planning or execution to assess whether they can be retouched and improved (something very rare, the truth) or if as usual we choose to return (for health and safety) to the state prior to surgery.

Medica references and bibliography


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Dr. Natalio Cruz

Natalio Cruz MD, with 25 years of medical experience, has been until 2016 Head of the Andrology Unit in the Urology Service of the Virgen del Rocío Hospital in Seville, National Coordinator of Andrology in the Spanish Association of Urology (AEU) and General Secretary in the ESSM, positions that he has narrowed to focus squarely on this exciting project of offering a high-level private medical consultation in Marbella, Seville, Madrid and Tenerife.

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