Sexual Medicine, Fertility, Urology and Andrology in Seville


The study of male reproductive capacity is an exciting area of Andrology that is constantly evolving. Professionals treating patients with infertility find that daily advances in this field are occurring in both reproduction and solutions in men, or their infertile or sterile couple.
The study, diagnosis and treatment of male infertility includes, among others, the following disorders and conditions:

Male infertility:
– Semen.
– Sperm Mobility Astenozoospermia.
– Morphology of the sperm. Teratozoospermia.
– Count. Oligozoospermia

– Causes and treatments.
– Testicular biopsy TESE, microTESE.

Vasovasostomy and vasectomy reversal.

Varicocele: testicular or scrotal various veins.

Assisted Reproduction Techniques:
– Insemination.
– In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).
– ICSI and others (IMSI, etc).

DNA fragmentation.

– Karyotype.
– Microdeletions.
– Cystic Fibrosis.

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