Sexual Medicine, Fertility, Urology and Andrology in Seville

Male Sexual Dysfunctions:

– Erection or impotence-related disorders

– Ejaculation and orgasm-related disorders: early, delayed or absent ejaculation, pain, anorgasmia, etc.

– Morphological changes to the penis:   curvature, hypospadias, Peyronie, lengthening or thickening of penis, small penis, micropenis, etc.

– Testosterone Deficiency Syndromes, hypogonadism, age-related Andrology, metabolic syndrome.

Female Sexual Dysfunctions:

– Lack of desire

– Anorgasmia or difficulty achieving orgasm

– Lack of lubrication or arousal disorders

– Pain during intercourse

– Vaginismus, etc.

Partner-related disorders

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