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Our practice in Madrid has a strong demand for patients coming from all over the peninsula and abroad.

The Andromedi Group, led by Dr. Natalio Cruz, has the expert in urology and andrology Dr. Carlos Simon to coordinate Andromedi Madrid. Dr. Carlos Simon will attend you at the Madrid office to study your case and find the best solution to your problem.

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Andromedi Madrid

C/ Conde de Aranda, 15

Contact Phone: 615 55 11 55

The newest treatments
in Urology Andrology and Sexual Medicine

New surgical techniques used by Dr. Natalio Cruz and his team at the Andromedi Clinic

Professionals willing to help you

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Can Dr. Carlos Simon operate on me if I don't live in Madrid?

Yes, there are hundreds of patients who have travelled from outside our borders to put themselves in the hands of the expert in andrology, urology and sexual medicine, Dr. Carlos Simón.
Dr. Carlos Simon is a Doctor of Medicine, specializing in Urology, from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, and is currently an accredited member of the European Board of Urology (FEBU). His main dedication is to Andrology, an area in which he has specialized in high level surgical interventions such as microsurgery of venous leakage, penile prosthesis or prostate photovaporization.
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Process to be operated in Madrid

The entire process of having surgery with Dr. Carlos Simon is quite simple.


Pre-consultation by mail, phone or video call in the weeks prior to the trip, in order to gather all available medical documentation and plan the intervention.


We coordinate with you the stay in our city, for which we have tourist partners associated with the Andromedi Group.


You will receive an extensive and complete previous consultation (in person) the day before the intervention, to get all the details of the case ready. You can get a 24-hour hospital admission if required.


During the post-operative period, depending on whether you are coming from another city in Spain or another country, you will have to stay from 2 to 5 nights in Madrid. After a final review by the specialist you will be able to return home.

Before you leave we give you all the necessary information about the steps to follow during the postoperative period at home. With this procedure, we ensure the success of the operation and give you all the necessary information about the steps to follow during the postoperative period at home.

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Recovery and medical discharge

Lastly, three weeks after the operation you will have a video call with our telemedicine service with Dr. Carlos Simon to ensure a perfect recovery and to be able to discharge you.
Andromedi Telemedicine

If you wish you can organize your own journey.

Barajas Airport maintains direct air connections with 74 countries and 189 cities and is connected to 172 airports around the world.
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High speed train
Metro Madrid Andromedi


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In addition, the High Speed train is a comfortable and agile way to move around the interior of the country, connecting the most important cities in a matter of hours. Once in Madrid, the subway, buses and cabs available in the city will provide you with the necessary mobility to get to the Andromedi Clinic without any problems.

Recommendations for accommodation in Madrid near the Hospital

Andromedi Madrid AYZ HOTELS

AYZ Hotels

Paseo de la Castellana 95,
planta 29, 28046

+34 717 110 745

recoletos hotel

VP Jardín de Recoletos

C/ Gil de Santivañes 6,

+34 91 781 16 40

Andromedi Madrid H10 hotel

H10 Puerta de Alcalá

Calle de Alcalá 66,

+34 914 35 10 60

Andromedi's free comprehensive service
to out-of-town patients

If you wish, you can hire our free comprehensive service for patients from other cities or other countries. This service will provide you with prices and contracting of your flights, transportation and accommodation during your stay. You will also receive recommendations of hotels and areas of the city to visit if you so desire.

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"Privacy and discretion are fundamental pillars of the Andromedi Group's philosophy when dealing with our patients".

Patients from all over the world

Portugal, Russia, Qatar, United States, China, France, UK, USA, Chile... the list of nationalities that have visited us is extensive.

Highest quality at a very competitive price

At Andromedi, we offer the highest reliability, security, confidentiality and quality, at a competitive price and with convenient month-to-month financing options (only valid for Spanish nationals and residents in Spain).

Quotation completely enclosed from the beginning.

At the Andromedi clinic we look after your peace of mind, and one of our premises is to inform you of the full cost from the beginning of the treatments and surgeries. No surprises or added costs.

Highest quality standards

Our medical team will attend to you personally and will be at your complete disposal 24 hours a day during the period of your stay.

Privacy, confidentiality and discretion

We offer maximum discretion and confidentiality to the patient. All data, dates, clinical history and other relevant documentation required for the intervention will be treated under the strictest confidentiality following the data protection law.

Other Andromedi Centers in Spain

Andromedi Andalucía

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Andromedi Seville

Paseo de Cristobal Colón, 15
41001 Seville

Contact Phone: 615 55 11 55

Andromedi Tenerife

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Andromedi Canarias Sourth

C/ Tucán, 25 – Local 11, 38632.  Zona el Palm-Mar (Arona), Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Contact Phone: 615 55 11 55

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