Rezum aplicación del tratamiento

Laparoscopic surgery for prostate

Laparadoscopic surgery for prostate The prostate gland has always been one of the most operated organs in men from the fourth decade of life, however, conventional methods such as open surgery brought with them countless unwanted side effects that made many patients go without treatment while diseases progressed. Among the most frequent side effects of […]


Rezum System: a New Therapy for Prostate Hyperplasia

“An enlarged prostate gland is a fairly common condition in men over 50 years of age and a novel minimally invasive technique has shown exceptional results by reducing the size and reducing obstructive signs.” Introduction to the REZUM System Until just over five years ago, enlarged prostates used to undergo cumbersome, expensive and invasive surgical […]

Cavernous body rotation technique

Shaeer’s technique for congenital curing of the penis Thousands of men around the world today have serious problems getting firm and painless erections, they suffer from congenital penile curvature. A disorder of the corpora cavernosa, a deformity but that has a solution and in this article we will try to address them, especially the Shaeer […]

Low Intensity shock wave therapy: A new treatment for erectile disfunction

Andromedi Clinic: in professional hands Shock wave therapy is effective in treating erectile dysfunction. A new application of devices generating shock waves makes it possible for impotence to be cured. Renova is a device that generates a low intensity shock wave which is not focused on one point, but rather focuses along a 60 mm […]

Laser prostate surgery

Within the surgical techniques to treat enlarged prostate, the laser is a fairly accurate and safe therapeutic option. Traditionally, prostate surgeries had been performed with conventional methods but in recent decades has emerged a boom in more modern techniques such as laparoscopic interventions and the use of laser. The latter has been a great ally […]

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