Low Intensity shock wave therapy: A new treatment for erectile disfunction

Andromedi Clinic: in professional hands Shock wave therapy is effective in treating erectile dysfunction. A new application of devices generating shock waves makes it possible for impotence to be cured. Renova is a device that generates a low intensity shock wave which is not focused on one point, but rather focuses along a 60 mm […]

Andromedi Clinic: in professional hands

Shock wave therapy is effective in treating erectile dysfunction. A new application of devices generating shock waves makes it possible for impotence to be cured. Renova is a device that generates a low intensity shock wave which is not focused on one point, but rather focuses along a 60 mm line. It is therefore able to apply shock waves more effectively.

Low intensity shock waves

Shock waves are primarily known for their use in urology in the treatment of urolithiasis (stones). They have been used by urologists to treat this condition, and today are the most common way of solving a gallstone (lithotripsy) problems. However, in other specialties, such as cardiology, it has been demonstrated that low intensity shock waves induce the revascularisation of tissue and the generation of new blood vessels; they have been used over the last decade in the treatment of chronic cardiac ischemia (patients with angina pectoris and -ángor- repeat heart attacks).

This low energy shock wave therapy is used to induce the regeneration of small coronary blood vessels in patients with angina who are not apt for coronary surgery or angioplasty.

In this respect, Storz MODULITH SLC and MedispecCardiospec systems have been used.
The so-called Low intensity Shockwave Therapy (Low Intensity Shockwaves or LISW) uses a very low energy (0,09 mJ/mm2), equivalent to 10% of the energy used by conventional lithotripters for urinary tract stones.

Over the last 3 years, a similar low intensity therapy has been used in different centres with the same level of energy density for treating Erectile Dysfunction,
The system used was Omnispec 1000, essentially an orthopaedic device modified with focused energy. The results with this device are very promising, and were reported at different international congresses and published in European Urology.

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More efficient LISW generators

We already have Second Generation LISW generators, devices specifically developed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (Renova) using Focused Line Shockwaves. This device, unlike previous models, achieves substantially higher coverage of the penis.

· Renova is a device that generates low intensity shock waves which are not focused on one point, but along a 60mm line. It is therefore capable of applying shockwaves to the corpus cavernosum more efficiently.

Low Intensity Shockwave Therapy on the penis and surrounding area cures and helps men with erectile dysfunction (ED), including severe conditions. It is useful both in patients who respond to oral drug therapy and in those who do not respond to conventional therapy.


Treatment consists of four sessions lasting about 20 to 30 minutes each. During each session 900 waves at 0.09 mJ / mm 2 are applied on each side (right and left). The areas to be treated will be the same for each session, so that by the end of the complete treatment (4 sessions) each area has received 3600 shock waves.


Results published based on previous experience (and older devices), analyzing results after the first month of starting treatment, were very satisfactory. There was an increase in scores on the questionnaires of Erectile Function (IIEF) (from 13.5 to 20.9), which means no longer having erection problems. The penile flow increased from 7.3 to 17.8 ml / min, which can be considered normal. These results were maintained at 3 and 6 months of treatment respectively. Hemodynamic parameters in the penis were correlated in improvement in the IIEF. No patient had adverse effects or need for treatment discontinuation, confirming its safety.

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Curing Erectile Dysfunction

It is so exciting and encouraging to have before us the potential “cure” for erectile dysfunction. So far, drug therapy has shown excellent efficacy, but once it is suspended, patients usually return to their baseline, so it should be regarded as purely symptomatic, not curative.

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Frequently asked questions about shock waves treatment



Can you have sex after receiving shock waves?
There is not the slightest inconvenience for the man who undergoes shock wave therapy for erectile dysfunction, to have to take sexual abstinence because the treatment is non-invasive and does not generate inflammatory effects of any kind. Sex life can continue without problems.
Is shock wave treatment painful? Could it leave me any negative after-effects?

This treatment is totally painless, so much so that it does not require the patient to receive anaesthetics or painkillers. The risks of complications are very small and are not a major concern. 

However, the patient must be monitored by the physician throughout the treatment.

How soon can I see the positive effects of the treatment?
It is estimated that improvement in erectile function may be evident within three to five months after the start of treatment. This time may vary from patient to patient. If you do not perceive any positive effect, most probably the mistake has been made by your doctor, who will have indicated it without taking into account the type of erectile dysfunction you present.
Can I take sildenafil (Viagra®) after receiving ED shock waves?
Yes. In fact, shock wave therapy increases the effectiveness of shock waves according to certain scientific studies. No contraindications or adverse effects have been reported.


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