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Telemedicine is already a reality. Your urology, andrology, sexual medicine, or fertility consultations are available through the internet without leaving home.

1. Regíster
1. Regíster



Si es la primera vez que reserva...

Si es la primera vez que reserva una vídeo-consulta en Andromedi, regístrese en la aplicación. El registro inicial es gratuito, sólo al concertar una cita se efectúa el pago. En el botón inferior puede comenzar el proceso. Llegará en primera instancia al perfil del Dr. Cruz, y tras elegir alguna de las dos opciones (mensajería o video-llamada), se le pedirá el ingreso de su usuario y contraseña (o el registro en caso de que no lo haya efectuado anteriormente)

2. Select your day and hour
2. Select your day and hour



En el perfil del Dr. Cruz...

En el perfil del Dr. Cruz, seleccionar la modalidad, día y hora de consulta que prefiera de entre las posibilidades que se muestran, añadiendo también el motivo de la consulta. 

Recomendación: Prepare toda la documentación médica sobre su caso de la que disponga en formato digital. Esto ahorra mucho el tiempo de videoconsulta y todo será mucho más sencillo.

3. Payment getaway
3. Payment getaway



Realización del pago con tarjeta...

Puede realizar el pago con tarjeta de crédito o débito. Por supuesto este pago es único o unitario para cada consulta, no implica ningún tipo de suscripción y es totalmente seguro, sin letra pequeña ni costes adicionales.

Online urologist

Telemedicine is already a reality, take advantage

In advance of the trend throughout the international medical sector, the Andromedi Clinic of Urology and Andromeda of Seville has allowed since the beginning of 2019 the possibility of conducting a video consultation with any member of the center’s medical staff from home for all their patients, whether they are new or established, or are from within or outside of Spain.

In collaboration with the platform specializing in Telemedicine DOCLINE.ES, Dr. Cruz and his team will be able to consult Urology, Andrology or Sexual Medicine, perform periodic reviews, resolve doubts, examine documents or give medical discharge from a distance, saving a lot of time and money for patients.

All you need is an Internet connection, a credit card (or debit card), and a few minutes to set up the access account to the DOCLINE.ES portal. You can use your mobile phone (installing some of the Android apps on Google Play or the iOS Apple Store) or your desktop computer, through a web browser (we recommend Chrome or Firefox).

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Latin American patients (Chile, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Mexico, USA, etc.) now have a great opportunity to treat their problems of erectile dysfunction, fertility, ejaculation, etc. with the help of renowned Dr. Natalio Cruz, one of the best European urologists today. Thanks to new technologies, we will be able to break down the spatial barriers, with hardly any signal latency and of course without long and expensive travel.

Here we provide a step-by-step explanation of the process, but we encourage you to contact us on the phone (+34) 615 55 11 55 or email to help you with any questions that may arise.

Understood, I want to hire the service.

Jefe del servicio de Andrología

Dr. Natalio Cruz

Natalio Cruz MD, with 25 years of medical experience, has been until 2016 Head of the Andrology Unit in the Urology Service of the Virgen del Rocío Hospital in Seville, National Coordinator of Andrology in the Spanish Association of Urology (AEU) and General Secretary in the ESSM, positions that he has narrowed to focus squarely on this exciting project of offering a high-level private medical consultation in Seville, Madrid and Tenerife.

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