Could Covid-19 decrease penis size?

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Although the scientific community has made significant and fruitful efforts in cataloging the effects of Covid-19, many of these have been gradually uncovered over time, some of these studies focus on if Could Covid-19 decrease penis size.

While the nature of the typical and most frequent symptoms of the disease has been documented with sufficient clinical evidence, multiple ongoing scientific investigations continue to clarify the picture of other, less common effects.

We are learning more and more about the long-term effects of the virus on our bodies, including the urological and Sexual Medicine manifestations, a series of symptoms that many authors have described as long-term Covid-19 orLong Covid“.

Could Covid-19 decrease penis size?

Clinical studies and analyses have demonstrated the presence of the virus in the male reproductive organs, particularly in the testicles. In fact, not only has the presence of the virus been proven, but also the long-term damage that it can produce in the cells of the testicles and, as a consequence, have repercussions on the sexual health and fertility of the individual.

On January 9 of this year, a young patient in the United States declared through social networks that, as a result of having suffered a severe case of Covid-19, his penis had shrunk by 4 cm. In addition, he has commented that he has had problems with the erection as a result of the infection by this virus.

Dr. Natalio Cruz was interviewed on the program “Cuatro al Día” to comment on this case and to clarify whether or not scientific literature exists regarding these effects.

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Coronavirus has a particular affinity with testicular tissue, resulting in “a decrease in testosterone production and testicular atrophy“, explains Dr. Cruz. He also states that the damage caused by this virus can affect the erection by a vascular mechanism and with the possibility of producing fibrosis and loss of penis size, (although perhaps not as much as the testimony that gives rise to the news), probably due to a lack of erection and a decrease in testicular function. However, although there may be a reduction in penile size, Dr. Cruz comments that “4 cm seems to be exaggerated“.

The evidence provided by the most recent clinical studies, together with the experience of our specialists at Andromedi, serve as a sufficient basis for clinical cases to continue understanding the different manifestations of Covid-19 within the field of Urology and Sexual Health.

Different papers and scientific articles demonstrate that erectile dysfunction can be caused by SARS-CoV-2 infection, both by vascular and psychological factors. It is widely known the damaging effect that the virus has on the endothelium, the innermost layer of blood vessels, causing vascular problems in different organs and, in this case, affecting penile erection.

This virus can affect the erection by a vascular mechanism and with the possibility of producing fibrosis and loss of penis size, (although perhaps not as much as the testimony that gives rise to the news)

It is important to remember that the coronavirus is not the only virus with an affinity for the testicles; there are other viruses such as the mumps virus that can also cause damage and inflammation in this tissue.

anatomía general de la erección (estado de flacidez)
Anatomy of the penis in flaccid state

This inflammation, known as Orchitis, can generate a reduction in hormone levels, particularly testosterone, and generate a lack of sexual desire, worsening the problem. Added to this, damage to the testicular tissue can lead to a decrease in the individual’s fertility, compromising another aspect of the person’s sexual health.

Fortunately, modern medicine has the resources to help these affected patients. There are several medical and surgical treatments for erectile dysfunction, which have a high percentage of effectiveness even in these cases. Hormone supplementation may also be chosen in cases where testicular damage is such that hormone levels have been significantly reduced.

Puede el Covid-19 disminuir el pene  Could Covid-19 decrease penis size
Anatomy of the penis in an erect state

Prevention is the best weapon we currently have to combat the pandemic and to avoid all the deleterious effects that this Coronavirus disease generates, so vaccination and other preventive measures continue to be of importance.


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Dr. Natalio Cruz

Natalio Cruz MD, with 25 years of medical experience, has been until 2016 Head of the Andrology Unit in the Urology Service of the Virgen del Rocío Hospital in Seville, National Coordinator of Andrology in the Spanish Association of Urology (AEU) and General Secretary in the ESSM, positions that he has narrowed to focus squarely on this exciting project of offering a high-level private medical consultation in Marbella, Seville, Madrid and Tenerife.

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