Testosterone: Essential hormone for success?

Over the last few decades, the effects of testosterone on people have been of great interest to both the scientific community and society.

Over the last few decades, the effects of testosterone on people have been of great interest to both the scientific community and society. In addition to the study of the role of this hormone in the field of biology, attempts have been made to demonstrate its impact in other areas such as economics and entrepreneurship. Is it really an essential hormone for success?

The nature of this well-studied molecule offers a wide variety of effects on different systems and organs. The central nervous system does not escape from them, since it is a neurologically active compound, i.e., it modifies and generates alterations on brain structures. Consequently, it seems coherent to conclude that it could generate significant changes in human behavior, influencing individual economic decisions. Historically, testosterone has been associated with virility, courage, and a greater capacity to take risks. In the economic sphere, these are qualities of a good entrepreneur.

Essential hormone for success in business

Numerous studies and articles claim that higher testosterone levels are directly linked to greater success in business. However, different analyses and scientific studies differ from this postulate. There is evidence confirming the relationship between a more advantageous socioeconomic position and higher testosterone levels in men, but the evidence on the causality of these factors has not been elucidated so far. A study conducted by the University of Bristol demonstrated, with a high level of evidence, that there is no direct relationship between some socioeconomic factors and serum testosterone levels.

This study was conducted on a large number of patients (306,248 patients) and used a method to identify such variables known as Median randomization analysis. Both of these factors allow a stronger statistical relationship to be established on the results of the study. The researchers conclude that there is no evidence to prove the influence of testosterone on factors such as socioeconomic status, risk behavior, and employment status. Thus, the belief about this effect on testosterone appears to be false.

Previously there have been multiple investigations that have attempted to demonstrate a correlation between risk behaviors and testosterone. The complexity of the effects of this hormone, the lack of statistical clarity about its causality, and the multiple confounding variables have prevented us from proving this fact indisputably

On the other hand, information on the influence of testosterone within sexuality seems to be much clearer. Testosterone is a hormone that we naturally synthesized in the body. Its sexual effects are obvious. It is the main promoter of male fertility, a stimulator of male sexual desire and function.

Essential hormone for success in business

It is indispensable for male sexual response, especially during arousal, erection, and the generation of sexual desire. Several clinical studies and meta-analyses demonstrate the positive and important role of testosterone in sexual health, affecting everything from libido and sexual satisfaction to erection and orgasm.

Consequently, testosterone-based drug therapy is essential for the treatment of multiple urological pathologies. For example, hypogonadism is a disease characterized by dysfunction of the testes. These organs are the main physiological producers of testosterone in men, so this component is administered to supply the normal functions of testosterone. The possibility of using exogenous testosterone can also be evaluated in cases of lack of sexual desire.

The influence of testosterone in the socioeconomic sphere has been controversial. However, the evidence on its effectiveness on sexual health seems to be clear. Therefore, the use of testosterone as a therapeutic weapon is safe, efficient, and reliable.

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Dr. Natalio Cruz

Natalio Cruz MD, with 25 years of medical experience, has been until 2016 Head of the Andrology Unit in the Urology Service of the Virgen del Rocío Hospital in Seville, National Coordinator of Andrology in the Spanish Association of Urology (AEU) and General Secretary in the ESSM, positions that he has narrowed to focus squarely on this exciting project of offering a high-level private medical consultation in Marbella, Seville, Madrid and Tenerife.

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