To whom, how and where can i buy caverject? All about injectable aprostadil work. A solution to erectile dysfunction.

EXPLANATORY NOTE FOR READERS: The Caverject offer has been declining so much in recent months that even the distributors we knew of, have already sold out. The shortage is widespread and it is necessary to start using master formulas equivalent to aprostadil or in their place alternatives or non-injectable substitutes (Impulse, Edex, Muse, etc.) as […]

EXPLANATORY NOTE FOR READERS: The Caverject offer has been declining so much in recent months that even the distributors we knew of, have already sold out. The shortage is widespread and it is necessary to start using master formulas equivalent to aprostadil or in their place alternatives or non-injectable substitutes (Impulse, Edex, Muse, etc.) as there is no generic medication yet in the market.

There are future variants on the horizon, as drugs of the same injectable type as Caverject are about to arrive, such as Invicorp which has already been authorised in some European countries such as Denmark, but there are still months to go.

OUR ADVICE FROM THIS MOMENT: consulting and reviewing your case in a clinic specialized in Erectile Dysfunction, whether our center or any other of your choice, this is the only way to continue enjoying a reliable and lasting erection. You have to be patient and try other possibilities with the help of a specialist in Andrology and Sexual Medicine.

What is Caverject?

Caverject is an injectable solution of alprostadil, which belongs to a group of fatty substances called prostaglandins. It is a vasodilating and muscle relaxing medication for the penis, keeping enough blood in it and thus achieving a punctual erection. That is to say, it is not a long term solution but a short one: it must be used every time you want to have sexual intercourse.

The erection it causes is purely physiological (commonly known as automatic). In other words, even without external stimulation, it will also occur. This is what makes it very interesting for certain types of patients, such as those with desire disorders.

How is it applied?

They are self-administrable injections, that is, they are injected by the patient himself at the base of the penis (where it starts, in the area closest to the pubis). After 5 minutes the first effects are seen and at the latest, we can take 20 minutes as the maximum time threshold where we can evaluate the results of the dose given.

After an effective dosage, the erection lasts (or rather, should last) approximately between 45 and 90 minutes, depending on factors specific to each patient.

andromedi aplicacion de caverject inyectable 01

Caverject injection application 01

andromedi aplicacion de caverject inyectable 02

Caverject injection application 02

Who is it suitable for?

The main difference between Caverject and other pill or tablet solutions (Cialis, Levitra, Viagra, etc.) is that it is usually indicated for patients who do not respond (or have stopped responding with the same efficacy) to oral treatments.

If you have reached this page by asking Google Why doesn’t Caverject work for me? You have two options, one that it has been badly administered, or two that is not a medicine indicated for you, since your degree of Erectile Dysfunction is high and you should consider other types of therapies such as shock waves or, ultimately, penile prosthesis.

The origin of sexual impotence can be diverse, from a radical post-prostatectomy picture, to a case of venous leakage, passing through a problem that should be treated by psychotherapy. A previous study is necessary before opting for this medicine.

andromedi causas de la impotencia sexual fisica 01
andromedi causas de la impotencia sexual psicologica 01

In our Andromedi Clinics in Madrid, Seville and the Canary Islands. we always have guaranteed supplies as we use it routinely as a method of assisted erection in all these diagnostic tests that are necessary to know the source of Erectile Dysfunction. We are talking about analyses such as Doppler Ultrasound or 3D Helical ANGIOTAC.

In what formats can it be found? What dose is right for me?

The lower doses (5 or 10 micrograms) are prescribed to men who have erection problems but have not yet used this method. The idea behind this is simple: the least amount of product necessary to obtain a safe, firm and satisfactory erection, without side effects, must be tested in each organism.

There is a high probability this drug does not help patients who have tried high doses (20-30 mcg) without much result. For these men, instead of continuing to increase the doses and have risk of contracting priapism, a very dangerous condition because it is a very prolonged erection that may affect the very tissues of the penis. If at any time the erection exceeds 3-4 hours, our advice is to go to the emergency room.

It is always advisable to avoid self-medication and seek a specialized center for a detailed study of the causes of impotence to diagnose whether therapies such as shock waves, or surgeries such as the definitive penile prosthesis can restore your sexual health to a greater degree.

Looking for prices and information?

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In just a few minutes and without any commitment.

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What side effects can Erectile Dysfunction injections have?

The biggest “downside” of this solution against impotence that some patients find is that they experience uncomfortable or even painful erections. The exact area where the puncture is performed may have a small hematoma, become inflamed, sting, or in some cases bleed.

The penis, testicles, or scrotum may become red, swollen, or painful, or the penis may fall asleep, ejaculation may change, or the foreskin may be taut. More frequent urination or difficulty urinating. If Caverject Double Chamber is mistakenly injected into the urethra (the tube through which urine flows from the penis), blood may appear in the urine or at the tip of the penis.

Speaking of a contraindication, that is, aspects that should never occur under normal conditions, dizziness, back or pubic pain, general weakness, sweating, discomfort or dry mouth should be reasons to talk to your specialist.

It is sold out in many pharmacies. Why is it so difficult to find lately?

In 2018, especially during the months of August, September and October, we experienced a generalized shortage of Caverject in our offices in Madrid, Seville and Tenerife, and we know that the situation has been similar in large cities such as Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid or Bilbao: many pharmacies have the product sold out.

The causes are simple supply/demand, and it is something that the manufacturer, Pfizer should gradually regulate in the coming months to meet the growing demand for the drug.

In Spain, the public health service (the Social Security) partially covers the Caverject dispensation by reimbursing approximately one third of its value.

preocupacion insidiosa

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I have read that you need a prescription to buy at the Caverject pharmacy, is this true?

You should not use Caverject without the supervision of a specialist. Any doctor can do this, although it is the specialist in Urology, Andrology or Sexual Medicine who has the most experience to prescribe it. Like any other drug, we advise against trying to search unauthorized websites or the black market (milanuncios, wallapop, vivu or even the Deep Web) because you could be the victim of a forgery (we have seen very realistic ones) that could bring unpredictable consequences to your health. Not to mention, of course, economic scams that make you believe that you are going to receive a package for which you have paid that never arrives.

How long does a packaged product last, without being used?

As long as the package has not been opened and the storage conditions have been adequate (the usual ones in most medicines), the expiry date itself is the one that marks this line from which it should not be used. Once it has been opened and “prepared” it should be used immediately (less than an hour).

If I don’t have or can’t find the Caverject solvent serum, can I use water?
In no case can you use any other substance than the one provided, you must follow the instructions to the letter for safety.
With a low dose of 10 mcg, I had a prolonged erection and discomfort. Should I lower the dose even further?

If you find yourself in this case, perhaps your dysfunction case is not excessively serious, so rather than lowering the dose, with the help of a specialist overseeing the entire process, you could simply change the type of medication to one less invasive than the injection.

How long do I have to wait between injections?

The ideal is to space the application in 24 hours, although it can be used earlier, but its effects can be noticeably reduced (and it is not advisable to increase the dose without medical supervision).

Can caverject be used for erectile dysfunctions caused by Peyronie?

It is expressly contraindicated in the leaflet given by the manufacturer “if you suffer from an anatomical deformation of the penis, such as angulation, cavernous fibrosis or Peyronie’s disease”.


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Dr. Natalio Cruz

Natalio Cruz MD, with 25 years of medical experience, has been until 2016 Head of the Andrology Unit in the Urology Service of the Virgen del Rocío Hospital in Seville, National Coordinator of Andrology in the Spanish Association of Urology (AEU) and General Secretary in the ESSM, positions that he has narrowed to focus squarely on this exciting project of offering a high-level private medical consultation in Marbella, Seville, Madrid and Tenerife.

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