Why are jelquing exercises or penis enlargement massages so dangerous (and why they don’t work)?

What is Jelquing? Jelquing is a type of massage that seeks to increase the size of the penis not only in its thickness but also, by lengthening it, by means of repetitive and very specific movements. According to many of its followers, this method can not only be used in any male individual to increase […]

What is Jelquing?

Jelquing is a type of massage that seeks to increase the size of the penis not only in its thickness but also, by lengthening it, by means of repetitive and very specific movements.

According to many of its followers, this method can not only be used in any male individual to increase his virility, but also has a “high success rate” in the short and medium term.

Opinions on the results of this technique are very varied, from entire websites that promote it with extreme fanaticism, to medical specialists who view this practice with astonishment and a bit of skepticism. In this Andromedi article, we will try to approach this phenomenon from a scientific and neutral perspective. Let’s see how effective and safe jelquing is.

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Brief anatomy of the penis.

From its base near the pubic bone, the penis extends with a variable length. Inside the penis, two cylinders called cavernous bodies made up of elastic tissue richly irrigated by blood vessels are in charge of producing and maintaining the erection in the face of sexual stimuli. Below the corpora cavernosa, there is a single spongy body, less irrigated by blood vessels but surrounding the urethra (the conduit through which urine and other glandular secretions such as semen circulate outwards). This spongy body ends at a thickened end called the glans, which has the outer opening of the urethra in its midline.

Outside the corpora cavernosa and spongy body, a double layer of skin called the foreskin covers the surface and provides an area that allows sliding. The foreskin is continued underneath with a bag of skin that holds and protects the testicles, the male glands, responsible for producing the hormone testosterone. It is also the site where male sex cells, sperm, are produced.

Anatomía general del pene en flacidez

General anatomy of the erection. State of flaccidity.

Anatomía general del pene

General anatomy of the penis.

How are these massages or exercises practiced? What do they promise?

Jelquing emerged as a non-surgical alternative to a male problem in ascent: what can I do to increase my penis size? This technique seeks to lengthen and enlarge the male member through exercises with the hand.

The foundation of this supposedly “miraculous massage” consists of placing the thumb and index fingers of the dominant hand, in the form of OK around the base of the semi-erect and lubricated penis, and then moving them quickly and uniformly to the Balano – preputial groove (which separates the end of the foreskin with the glans of the penis) in order to make the male member elongate and thicken.

Many people call this movement a “milking” applied to the penis. There are other massages such as the so-called “squash jelq” that focus on other blood flows in other parts of the penis, but with a similar final objective. There is also a lack of information regarding: for how long should the exercise be performed? or how many repetitions are necessary? Many websites defenders of this practice, say that jelquing and squash jelq should be performed two to three times a week in sessions of maximum 20 minutes to avoid tissue overloads and injuries.

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Does Jelquing work? An Evidence-Based Medical Opinion

The jelquing (also called jelqing) is a practice whose diffusion gains momentum around the world every day that passes, in men of all ages, since the concern for penis size is increasing. However, until now, this method has not had the approval of prestigious health agencies such as the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) or the American Society of Urology, for important reasons: there is no standard way to do it nor results achieved that have been scientifically documented.

This penis enlargement exercise effectively increases blood supply to the cavernous bodies thanks to the accelerated increase in intravascular pressure caused by the “grip” of the fingers and causes the male member to thicken temporarily, as the vasodilator effect ceases, the penis can return to its normal size.

Being a technique that works directly on the calibre of the blood vessels of the penis and given the large number of men who suffer from cardiovascular problems, jelquing can affect male health if it is not carried out correctly, bringing more negative than positive consequences on those who use it.

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It is true that you may see a minimal increase, but it is not lasting, nor is it safe?

A few days after starting the penis enlargement exercises with jelquing, you may notice a certain increase in the size of your limb, however, as happens when you stop training in the gym, these changes are not lasting in time and have to disappear as soon as you stop.
In addition, you may begin to notice certain undesirable effects such as curvatures, burning when urinating, pain in the foreskin or inflammation of the glans.

If it is so dangerous... Why are there so many people on the Internet who encourage me to do it?

Probably, this is due to three key factors: the lack of safe information, false advertising and low self-esteem suffered by men with penis size problems.
Until now there is no definitive consensus on the safety and effectiveness of this technique to enlarge the penis among the health agencies in charge, this makes the “gurus” of penis enlargement abound on Internet sites not verified by professionals in Urology or Andrology.

The websites of “phalloculturists” who advertise these techniques have an economic interest, and of course, they make everything seem perfect, without risks. They create false expectations regarding the results and dare to show images with the supposed positive effects of jelquing, promising to finally obtain “giant penises with the minimum effort”.

Likewise, the emotional problems of not having a “big penis” can lead to the search for magical solutions such as those discussed in this article. We cannot forget the social stigma that comes with having problems with the size of the male member, something that is already on the way to a silent epidemic.

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What harm can Jelquing do to me?

With this practice not supervised by a medical professional, you can cause other undesirable effects such as curvatures, inflammation in the foreskin, pain or redness of the glans … and erectile dysfunction forever (impotence) in the worst case. If any of these happen, do not hesitate to stop applying these exercises and visit a medical specialist as soon as possible.

Some of the problems that can be generated after badly implementing this practice.

Jelquing can cause damage to the vascular structures, for example, lesions of the arterioles and venules in charge of producing the erection. It can also irritate the skin of the foreskin and cause it to swell and cause pain. The glans may also swell and burn when urinating.

If “home-made” penis enlargement exercises are prolonged and excessive, they could induce the appearance of abnormal penile curves and have disastrous consequences at the time of sexual intercourse; due to the impossibility of maintaining an erection beyond a few seconds, most probably as a result of what we call “venous leak”.

We encourage you to seek the testimonies of anonymous people who have suffered terrible consequences, we reproduce some of them:

I think I have caused a venous leak. What can I do?

First of all, it is important to know what a venous leak refers to.

Venous leakage corresponds to a type of erectile dysfunction (ED) in which the cavernous bodies of the penis, after having achieved the optimal erection state, suddenly lose that state and become flaccid, affecting sexual performance partially or completely, depending on the condition.

This sudden loss of erection occurs as a result of “blood leakage” through the veins that should ensure that it remains contained until the moment of ejaculation.
A few decades ago, this problem was considered as characteristic of male individuals older than 45 years of age; however, an alarming increase in cases of impotence due to venous leakage has been reported in young men, of 20 and 30 years of age, inclusive. And jelquing is in the spotlight.

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Diagnosis of venous leakage

Erectile dysfunction due to venous leakage is a medical problem that has its origin in vascular causes, that is to say, in the insufficient capacity of the blood vessels (venules and arterioles above all) of the cavernous bodies of the penis to maintain an adequate state of erection, in time and quality of the erection.

Venous leaks can be detected by means of diagnostic methods specific to the vascular systems, the most important of which is Doppler ultrasonography, which evidence the health of the vascular beds of the penis and the type of lesion that does not allow a healthy erection.

Other techniques, much more sensitive for detection, such as computerized axial tomography angiography (known as 3D Angio TAC), allow, by means of a 3D image, not only to locate the vein responsible for the “leakage” but also to determine the degree of vascular lesion. This technique is especially useful to know with certainty which veins should be ligated during surgery of the corpora cavernosa, a promising treatment (see below).

There are also tests that measure the rigidity of the erect penis and its performance over time, called cavernosometry and cavernosography, both of which are now in disuse.

All these techniques must be performed by a qualified medical professional.

Treatment of venous leakage.

The problems of venous leakage are no longer as irreversible as they were a few years back, treatments such as ligation of the veins responsible for this “blood leak” during erection have a high rate of safety and effectiveness.

In order to know if the patient applies to this intervention it is necessary to previously perform a 3D Angio TAC, according to the results of this study (which is usually extremely simple and quick) a correct decision will be taken.
For example, if the vascular lesion of the venous leak involves few veins susceptible to ligation, this surgery is performed to restore the ability to maintain an erection of the penis, in time and quality.

On the other hand, if the results of the 3D Angio TAC reveal a large number of damaged blood vessels, the last and most invasive solution is chosen directly: penile implant surgery, which aims to restore the erectile function of the penis completely, without going several times through an operating room to apply microsurgery.

It should be noted that surgery of veins susceptible to ligation has a higher success rate if it is performed in the early stages of erectile dysfunction due to venous leakage. The latter, too, is more affordable and with less recovery time, compared to penile implant surgery.

What safe alternatives do we recommend for penis enlargement?

Since the origins of humanity, men (and some women) have sought to increase the size of the male limb in various ways, some more ineffective than others.

Enlarging the penis is not an easy task; this organ corresponds to an anatomical structure of a man’s body that grows naturally until a certain age (usually up to 21 years of age, when sexual maturity and body growth have already done their work). After this happens, the penis may lengthen slightly.

However, not everything is lost. There are safe and scientifically proven techniques that help not only increase penis size but also reverse the natural process of erectile dysfunction characteristical of aging.

Kegel exercises are a method that was initially used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles in women, however, a couple of decades ago, have been adapted in men. A toned pelvic floor can help a man maintain a proper erection during sexual intercourse as well as delay the time of ejaculation, lengthening the orgasm. It does not increase the length of the penis, although it does give the assurance that the erections are “as full and energetic as your body can produce. These exercises are very safe and can be practiced from the comfort of your home, but they must be supervised initially by a medical professional to avoid injuries or cramps.

Other therapeutic options to have a “big penis” that we can find on the Internet range from pills, suction pumps, to extension-extenders. Let’s see what’s true about each one, not without first discussing the psychological aspect of men.

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Rethink that penis size is really something that should not obsess us too much.

How can I make my penis grow? has led many men to despair and seek costly and ineffective solutions, as they feel their manhood is in question simply because they do not have a penis of XXL size as they can see in erotic or pornographic films.

It is important to remember that the social stereotype of “big penis, safe virility” is false, one thing does not correlate with another. Manhood is not subject to the size of the sexual member.

If you feel that you can still have satisfactory sexual performance despite the size of your member, don’t worry, you don’t have to be alarmed.

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For any erection dysfunction or other impairment you can turn to a medical specialist as is our case, we can help you solve almost any eventuality safely.

Pills or creams for lengthening do not work under scientific evidence either.

Many vasodilator drugs for the penis can be found on the market, from pills to “retardants” in gel or cream. These drugs in many cases serve to increase testosterone or blood flow, but they are temporary, not permanent, they do not work in the long term due to an indisputable reason: the spongy and cavernous bodies of the penis are given by nature and are not more or less large according to the local blood circulation that a drug can cause.

The solutions we propose at the Andromedi Clinics in Madrid, Seville and the Canary Islands

When you visit our Sexual and Andrological Medicine Clinics in Madrid, Seville and the Canary Islands (Tenerife), you will be able to receive quality medical attention, adapted to your needs.

We have surgical techniques that will allow you to increase the size of the penis, the surgery of enlargement that has demonstrated a level of success of up to 95 percent of the cases and although there are no miraculous solutions for all the problems of penile corpulence, they are well positioned.

Penis enlargement surgeries provide in the vast majority of cases an increase in penis between 1.5 and 3 cm, depending on each person.

In terms of thickness (circumference or width), this is already a somewhat more technically complex issue and the suitability of penis thickening surgery must be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Among these surgical techniques is the augmentation phalloplasty that we implement in our clinics in Madrid, Seville and Tenerife, which is very safe and relatively simple. It consists of dissection of the suspensory ligament (in the dorsal and basal part of the penis) to allow it to have a greater range of mobility and look longer. This operation usually takes less than two hours and the patient can leave the hospital in as little as five hours.
Another surgical technique in penis enlargement is the reduction of subpubic fat, which often (in people with problems of overweight and obesity) keeps the penis “hidden” and limits its performance at the time of sexual intercourse.


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