“Sex is more appealed in summer” – canal sur show “the yuyu of summer” with Dr. Cruz

We start here this second hour and we are going to talk about health, sexual health. Because when summer comes, most people worry about their skin, which is also good to take care of the skin…to take care of one’ s health, diets, not to drink too much alcohol…in short, we raise more the issue […]

We start here this second hour and we are going to talk about health, sexual health. Because when summer comes, most people worry about their skin, which is also good to take care of the skin...to take care of one' s health, diets, not to drink too much alcohol...in short, we raise more the issue of health, but very rarely do we notice that sexual health also has to suffer in summer. So we have brought an expert and we have here in the study Natalio Cruz who is medical director of the clinic Colón 15, he is urologist. Natalio, what's up? Good afternoon.

Good morning, good morning to all

In summer we also have to worry about sexual health, especially the genitals, don't we? They also suffer in summer because of the theme of swimming pools, fungi...

Yes, indeed. I always say sexual health is a very sensitive pilot of how general health is. When one has a serious illness or even a simple illness, such as the flu, for example, sexual health is also affected. Logically you don’t want anything, it works worse, that is to say, sexual health is the great pilot of the organism to see that everything is working well. If there is a health problem, erection problems, sexual desire problems, lack of sexual desire it means that something is not working well.

Many times we don’t give it the importance it has because you have to go to the doctor for a check-up and see if there is a heart problem, diabetes problem or hormonal problem. Something is affecting that sexual function.

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Natalio, what about the summer? What changes do our most intimate parts undergo? What care must be taken?

Well, there are some change hoaxes, even with respect to size. The genitals in winter, with the retraction produced by some muscles that are attached to the penis and the female genital area seem to be a little shrunk, because the cold makes them contract.

In summer (with the heat) and with the absence of that retraction, with the absence of that contraction, it seems that they go out a little more for a walk, one sees it a little better.

On the other hand there is less work pressure, there is less stress. We must not forget that stress is a defense mechanism from when we were animals, we were primates, we were in the trees and saw the lion. So we have a stress that prevented any kind of erection, any kind of sexual response.

But today we have a lion at every traffic light, a lion at work, there is a lion everywhere. We really have a lot of stress problems now and in summer it’s just the opposite. One relaxes, uninhibits oneself and there is an optimal moment to reconcile with one’s sexual life.

Natalio, let's talk about summer loves. It is also a time when the days are getting longer, perhaps it is also a time of greater sexual activity, I do not know if it occurs more in winter or not.

Classically in the summer, the fact that there are more encounters, more variation, less work time, classically there is more sexual activity, in fact.

Especially because the days are getting longer. At 5 o'clock in the afternoon in winter you are at home, in summer practically until 10 o'clock at night there is activity, people go out, relate and this causes...

Yes, it’s very typical. In the consultation, there in Colón 15, more patients arrive and ask us (about their problems). Yes, it is more frequent in summer, because there is more opportunity to be with the couple, they are no longer working and the truth is that this favours the activity of the relationship. There is more time, more opportunities. There is the famous nap, which also has a lot of rubbing.

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We have Nati here and we were off the air talking about how interesting and what has been created in your practice, Natalio, about new techniques that anyone can consult here in Seville, in Andalucia. You don't have to go outside Andalusia to consult these techniques. Can you tell us what we mean by these new techniques?

Well, we are very proud to have created a team, in Colón 15, of selected doctors, let’s say high level doctors, in a very pleasant, comfortable and innovative space, with new technologies, each bringing a new technology in different pathologies. But what we avoid or want to avoid is that the Andalusian patient, who has magnificent professionals here, has to travel to Barcelona, Madrid or anywhere else to seek and have access to that elite health that we have here in Seville.

And that is what we want to make available. And everyone in their specialty puts that health at the service of, for example, obesity problems, sleep disorders (pathologies related to snoring), hand related, gynecology, thoracic surgery, bullfighting surgery, even, and of course the andrological part. The sexuality part, erection problems, that have no solution… penile prosthesis, penis enlargement, etc.

Yes, this is precisely one of the topics we want to talk about. With the arrival of summer and with that greater sexual activity, there are many people who consider their own sexuality. Who hasn't once wondered if their physiognomy doesn't meet the standards? Does size matter? Is there a clinical average that can define what is normal and what is not normal?

Well, I think, practically all men at some point, have thought their size is smaller than others.

Too much or too little? Mostly too little.

Yes, no one complains about being too rich (laughs) Everyone thinks it’s a little bit improvable. Classically this did not have adequate surgical response. Nowadays, lengthening techniques are being done and refined, which basically combine an unearthing of the penis (hidden penis) with some corporoplasty techniques, also close to plastic surgery. Without neglecting, logically, the function.

The difference is that in Urology, we care that there is not only a good size, aesthetically better, but also functionally, of course, nothing is lost, ie it would be useless to affect the function to improve the size.

Yes, that it is not only a visual improvement, but that it has certain functionalities.

But what's a small penis? From how many centimeters do we consider a small penis?

It is difficult to say how much of a small penis, because it depends on the size of the individual as well, that is, we cannot pretend to be equal before the law, right? We would like that!

What does that mean, that the higher the man, the longer the penis, or has nothing to do with it?

Yes, in general a more corpulent man is going to be a little bigger, that law of the inverse is not real, that’s something we short men invented to feel proud of.

Diagrama sobre el tamaño del pene en la población Diagrama sobre el tamaño del pene en la población

The "hidden penis" has left me a little blocked.

Well David I’ll tell you one thing, I think Natalio will confirm it, (…) the very fact of losing weight and losing abdominal fat and pelvic fat favors an improvement.

Indeed, there is a part of the penis that is hidden, that is inside, that is fastened at the base of the penis, which is what gives firmness to the root of the penis, but then there is a pendulum part, a part that comes out, and that part, very easily hides with the fat. As the pubic fat increases, it increases 2 – 3 cm of fat, until it reaches the pubis, and those 2, 3, 4 cm of fat, you will lose them in length.

In those cases a liposuction or liposculpture can be done, any method can be done to remove that fat, sometimes even, in very severe cases, abdominoplasty or any type of technique that will also remove fat from the scrotum area, and we will mold all the anatomy so that the penis really stops being hidden.

andromedi escrotoplastia 01

Scrotoplasty 01

andromedi escrotoplastia 02

Scrotoplasty 02

andromedi escrotoplastia 03

Scrotoplasty 03

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Pubis liposuction technique 01

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Pubis liposuction technique 02

In other words, the first advice would be to lose weight by natural means, put ourselves on a diet and then if we see that it doesn't work, well, we have to put ourselves in the hands of a specialist. But with a simple diet and a slimming you can notice an improvement.

Indeed, a healthy diet, deep down, we return to the same thing, sexual health and physical appearance is a whole, and a healthy diet will make you lose weight. It is true that it is difficult to mobilize pre-pubic fat, because it is a different fat. And that possibly you will need some help, but the first thing would be to lose weight.

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I would like to say, as the only woman here at the table right now, that talking about a small penis is not a symptom of not having a good sexual relationship, is it?

In fact, we men have the tendency to genitalize sexuality very much, that is, to forget about caresses, preambles. If a penis does not work, man, there are other skills that can be set in motion. The woman has a much more general sexuality, more based on love, more based on caresses, on those preambles. But women also have sexual problems, such as lack of desire, which is usually related to the time approaching menopause, problems of not reaching orgasm, or difficulties in achieving excitement, or pain….How many women feel pain when they are going to have sex? feeling pain, is like feeling urine leaks, it is not normal for a woman to be wet, it can be solved, the disorder of women’s desire can be solved, the disorder of not reaching orgasm, pain with sexual relations. All that can be solved, and that is why we are creating this unit of sexual function in Colón 15.

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Let's talk about numbers, because what kind of man has never asked himself, hey, how much does mine measure? Let's see if I'm in the national or European measure? 13 cm is an intermediate thing?

If, indeed, around 13 cm would be the measure.

And 16, is it already big?

Well, generous, let’s say, no. It was said before that one never sees oneself Galeano enough

Does that depend on the race?

Yes, in fact, it is a myth about races, but there is some truth in race, but it is also true that “big” is a problem.

For the man or for the woman?

For both, because the man who has not been able to have sexual relations, even some real facts, “royal ” problems that are called in medicine, in our royalty, in history, there are some very funny anecdotes related to sexual problems. And there is even some king who, precisely because he was large, had to invent some kind of “doughnut” so that he could not get to the bottom. Something that could put pillows around it.

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I think that was Fernando VII, he was one of them, wasn't he?

That’s it

Well, Natalio, thank you very much, Natalio Cruz, medical director of the clinic of Colón 15. Thank you for talking to us and above all, talk to us so naturally, because I think it's one of the things that we have to start ending, that talking about these things "they're ugly, they're strange". Besides, I'm sorry, I loved something that you said that "well, in fact I came with my daughter", which is there, in fact, your little daughter, there she is with the mobiles, she says hello.

I want to dedicate this space also to her, the truth is that she gives me life.

Yes, it is very important to talk about this, and that this taboo no longer exists. To talk about our body, right?

Yes, and besides you have to speak with respect, speaking from the scientific point of view and always from the health point of view, I like to be positive in everything, and I like that we think about preserving sexual health. Do not worry about the doctor when there is a health problem but on the contrary, worry about preserving health.

Like the maintenance of cars, let's not go when there is a breakdown, but let's go through the technical service at least once.

And that, for example, tobacco, tobacco seriously affects health. Preserve your health, preserve your sexual health.

Well, Natalio Cruz, medical director of the Colón 15 clinic, thank you very much for joining us this morning.

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity.

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Dr. Natalio Cruz

Natalio Cruz MD, with 25 years of medical experience, has been until 2016 Head of the Andrology Unit in the Urology Service of the Virgen del Rocío Hospital in Seville, National Coordinator of Andrology in the Spanish Association of Urology (AEU) and General Secretary in the ESSM, positions that he has narrowed to focus squarely on this exciting project of offering a high-level private medical consultation in Marbella, Seville, Madrid and Tenerife.

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