What else can UI cause?

UI also causes the obvious discomfort resulting from leaks, embarrassment, and withdrawal in patients. Many who suffer from it keep silent, and the lack of information sometimes only aggravates the problem. Nowadays, thanks to web portals such as ours, many people find answers to the most common questions they usually ask in our Seville office once they make the decision to obtain treatment.

Do "normal" pads work for urine loss?
They are hardly adequate; you need another type of material that has a different (faster) absorption capacity for the menstrual flow.
Does eating worsen or improve on the symptoms?

Eating does not help to eradicate the problem, but can mitigate its symptoms and prevent them from worsening. Avoid excess sugar, alcohol and spicy foods and eat a balanced and varied diet.

If I drink less water, will I have less leakage problems?

No, and be careful. Common sense can lead us to think that if we drink less, we will have less need to urinate, but urine that is unbalanced by drinking little water can be very irritating to the bladder and increase the symptoms instead.

Can incontinence caused by a Neurogenic Bladder be cured?

This type of incontinence occurs in patients who have some type of disease/nerve injury presenting many associated pathologies (urinary tract infections, renal deterioration, etc). They require special and individualized care, which depends on the type of neurogenic bladder they develop. The study, treatment and follow-up of these patients must be specialized and intensive, with a continuous and personal doctor-patient relationship. It is complex to cure or eliminate completely. However, through Urodynamic Studies, which involve teaching these patients certain routines such as self-catheterization, and specialized surgeries, it is possible to obtain a better quality of life, while reducing complications and hospital admissions.

What are those beneficial (routine) exercises?

There are very extended routines like the classic Kegel exercises or the newest and most recommended hypopressive gymnastics.

How do I know if urine leakage is not indicating a major health problem?

You should check everything to be reassured, of course. That is why it is ideal that you seek help from a professional (urologist).

How do I know the type of UI I’m suffering from?

You can compare your case with the different types we have described above. However, it’s always ideal for you to seek help from a professional to assess everything in depth as earlier mentioned.

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