What do we offer to our patients?

More than 35 years of experience gives us the security of understanding the fears and concerns of our patients. We anticipate all of them by offering our commitment in the most important areas of action of each treatment.

Experiencia y Garantía Andromedi

Performed personally by Dr. Natalio Cruz

Surgical interventions

Dr. Natalio Cruz is a reputable specialist in Urology and Andrology internationally recognized with numerous publications, he’s a renowned organizer of congresses and conferences, as well as a researcher and developer of new medical techniques and procedures.

His extensive experience in several operations of high complexity confirms him as one of the most recognized in our country, to the extent of being appointed as Coordinator of the Spanish Association of Urology and Secretary-General of the ESSM (European Society for Sexual Medicine).

Numerous operations and treatments on penis prosthesis, penis enlargement, congenital penile curve correction, or acquired penile curves (Peyronie’s disease), urinary sphincter operations for incontinence, vasectomies, and vasovasostomies, treatments for erectile dysfunction, etc. highlight the exceptional and successful professional career of Doctor Natalio Cruz.

Advice before, during, and after the operation.

Personalized support

The involvement of our entire medical team from the start is fully guaranteed. Each case is studied individually, all patient’s doubts are resolved, indications are made very clear, and predictions on goals and expectations are always spot on because these are fundamental pillars on which good results are based.

Detailed follow-up before, during, and after the surgical intervention or treatment is essential to ensure the long-term success of the operation. Detailed psychological support from the surgeon (Dr. Cruz) and the Andromedi team are essential for the patient’s safety, tranquility and confidence.

Before the operation

It is essential to know all the details, both the physical problem of the patient and the current psychological effects caused by the condition. A doctor-patient relationship based on trust and total discretion is key to being able to propose the best result.

During the admission and intervention

We guarantee a comfortable stay with television access, a single room with amazing views, safety, bed for a companion, and exclusive amenities typical of a 5-star hotel. We also include 24-hour health care services and medical support in case of need. Our surgical facilities are state-of-the-art, both in equipment and human skill, for the most demanding and complex surgical techniques. We offer personalized anesthesia to achieve the total absence of pain with minimal general repercussions and maximum comfort.

Throughout the postoperative period

Follow-up and post-operative control are fundamental to ensure that a good physical, mental and aesthetic result is maintained in the patient in the long term.

At Andromedi, we pay special attention to the entire process because it is key to both the prevention complications and achieving the full satisfaction of our patients.

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Total involvement in possible complications or reinterventions

Complications may arise, although they tend to be minor and are usually basic or foreseeable.

At Andromedi, we always guarantee the certainty of good results and a FREE re-intervention if the need arises (less than 1%); assuming full responsibility and providing support to the patient.

People specialists

First-class specialized and professional human team

The entire team of the Andromedi Clinic is made of professionals chosen after extensive selection processes. Anesthetists, nurses, psychologists and administrative personnel involved in the different treatments are experienced specialists with many years of experience.

Dr. Natalio Cruz, Jefe de los Servicios Médicos de Andromedi Sevilla
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"... In our medical opinion, we see the iontophoresis and surgery tandem much more beneficial, that is why we do not offer it often for this ailment ..."

Cutting edge technology

State-of-the-art technical equipment with all the ISO standards required for medical practice

Our operating room is equipped with state-of-the-art technology in electro-medical devices, anesthesia, and monitoring technology for performing advanced microsurgical techniques. With these facilities, we minimize risks and improve the quality of results in the surgical process.

monitor en quirofano

Our operating rooms are automated, intelligent, and controlled from centralized positions with maximum security measures.

Clean/dirty circulation system to avoid external contamination, areas of limited traffic and restricted access to authorized personnel to avoid infections.

Equipped with technology (laser, surgical microscopes, electrocautery, laparoscopy towers, etc.) and highly specialized personnel, so that we can perform all the most demanding techniques in a relaxed and safe working environment.

Examples of these are the incorporation of the first and most advanced neuro navigator (neurosurgery) or in urology, where the group has pioneered the use of the KPT green laser (treatment that reduces the side effects of prostate surgery).

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Manos de un paciente entrelazadas con su pareja

An integrative medicine

Psychological support from Andromedi specialists, depending on the traumatic severity if required.

The psychological support begins with the advice and support of the chief surgeon of our Clinic, Dr. Cruz.

Urology and Andrology are key branches of medicine with very high indices of emotional interrelation. Patients often experience traumatic situations with their conditions that go beyond the scope of a simple surgical intervention.

Each case must be approached from three different levels (medical, surgical/aesthetic, and psychological treatment) to ensure the patient’s complete happiness after the intervention and subsequent recovery.

We accompany you after the operating room

Postoperative kit to help patients in their primary care at home

At the time of discharge, the involvement of the patient and total responsibility essentially rests on following the post-operative instructions delivered by Andromedi.

The care they receive at the Clinic in the early stages of treatment must always be accompanied by home care.

Proper hygiene, lifestyle requirements, the specific indications for each case during the first phase of recovery should be respected.

We always deliver a 100% customized post-operative kit to help make this process more comfortable.

Doctor explicando a su paciente

We embrace the latest trends

Always at the forefront of medical and technological advances

The fields of Urology and Andrology are limitless. Part of our success is in adopting an attitude of constant study on new techniques and solutions for patients. R + D + I are essential in all branches of medicine, but even more important in ours.

Research, Development, and Innovation in the field of Urology and Andrology have led Dr. Natalio Cruz and the Andromedi Clinic to improve upon intervention techniques and specialize in branches such as impotence or erectile dysfunction, penis enlargement, curvature of the penis, Peyronie’s Syndrome, penile prosthesis surgeries and severe cases of urinary incontinence, and microsurgeries like vasectomy and vasovasostomy.


Compliance with ISO standards of good practice and medical service

Certification in the ISO 9001, 14001 and 27001 Standards, worldwide references in management systems.

In 2002, The Vithas Hospitals obtained certification for their quality system, according to the UNE EN ISO 9001: 1994 standard. In 2008, they obtained another certification and made the transition to the UNE EN ISO 9001: 2008 standard.

NISA maintains a commitment to the care of the environment that is articulated in all its waste treatment processes.

Since 2006, they have been in possession of the certification for their environmental management system for Hemodialysis, according to the UNE EN ISO 14001: 2004 standard. The group is currently in the process of reaching its full capacity.

It can be mentioned that our references meet the global standards in management systems, as well as the requirements of the QH Accreditation (Quality Healthcare) of the Institute for the Development and Integration of Health, which recognizes the excellence of the quality of healthcare we offer.


Certificado de seguridad informatica 27001
Acreditación de garantia ISO 14001
Acreditación de garantia ISO 9001
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