No one would feel shame to go to a traumatologist for twisting an ankle, or to a dentist for a toothache. However, when it comes to our sexual health, things change a lot, both in men and women, but especially in us.

Joven de negocios pelirojo sobre fondo gris

We feel anxious, reserved, worried or even ashamed. We keep a problem quiet for weeks waiting for it to resolve itself. Maybe we secretly consult the Internet with our browser in “incognito” mode…or maybe we talk to our trusted friend…but anyway we find it hard to go to the doctor. At least compared to that ankle that suffered going down the stairs.

At the Andromedi Clinic in Seville, not only do we understand this situation, but we also understand its origin and we do not try to “play the matter out” of the issue. That’s why we value privacy and discretion, while wrapping the patient with the closeness and understanding of the problem that decades of high-level medical experience give us.

All this, in addition to the fact that it is easier to talk between men, makes our Seville Clinic a good place to treat those things that have been worrying you for days or weeks.

How a man thinks and how a man feels is often less simple and banal than people realise.

Our team, headed by Dr. Cruz, one of the most reputable Urologists/Andrologists in the country, is used to empathize with the process you are going through, anticipating complications, treating and obtaining results in the short and medium term.


When we talk about the gay community, sensitivity to the patient is even more important. Unfortunately, we all have heard (or suffered) stories, experiences, judgments or unpleasant comments, hoarse and rude in clinics or hospitals for the simple fact of having a homosexual orientation. Even in 2019, yes. It’s hard to believe, but it’s still happening.

At Andromedi, we have carried for years the “gay friendly” label, based precisely on making no distinction, treating naturally any type of problem related to sexual health, something that belongs only and exclusively to the private sphere of the patient.

A therapy tailored to each person: each case of erectile dysfunction is unique.

The problems at the time of maintaining satisfactory sexual relations, without pressure and enjoying at all times, usually interrelate in a negative way, having in the majority of the cases a physical and another psychic plane. In our practice in the Paseo Cristóbal Colón in Seville, we treat each case individually.

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A definitive solution for persistent erectile dysfunction. 100% effective and guaranteed penile prosthesis.

The last resource, the last huge asset in which we trust to return the erection to the patient whose dysfunction does not respond to any of the previous treatments, is the penile prosthesis.

The procedure is simple: the internal cavernous bodies of the patient’s penis are replaced by synthetic material implants that provide an erection with a 100% natural appearance, without anyone who looks at it from the outside noticing anything at all.

andromedi implante de pene sustitucion cuerpos cavernosos 01

Penile cavernous replacement implant 01

andromedi implante de pene sustitucion cuerpos cavernosos 02

Penile cavernous replacement implant 02

These devices are currently developed under two modalities. One is more economical, but of lesser performance, the malleable prosthesis whose erection is constant, and the inflatable or three-component prosthesis, much more modern, although at a higher price due to its comfort in erection on demand (by pressing a button placed in the scrotal area). In our centre we offer the possibility of making an “upgrade” at any time, discounting the final price of the hydraulic prosthesis from the previous intervention, if we have tried previously with a malleable one.

Partes de una protesis de pene hidraulica

Hydraulic type penile prosthesis

andromedi protesis de pene tipo maleable hacia abajo 01

Malleable Down Type Penile Prosthesis

The satisfaction index of the penile prosthesis is very high.

Millions of men all over the world (and hundreds to our credit) enjoy their sexual relations once again when they had given everything up for lost. For us it is a great satisfaction to see men smiling again, who in the first consultation in Andromedi were people who had fallen down or had little hope.

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The topic of penile implant is such an extensive and interesting topic that we have dedicated a micro-site specifically to it.

At we deal with types, brands, models, surgical techniques, frequently asked questions, etc.


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