Our Team

This consultation work would not be possible without a coordinating multidisciplinary team composed of professionals from very different areas and specialties.

Dr. Natalio Cruz

Head of the Andromedi Andrological Service

DR. Carlos Simón

Doctor specializing in Urological and Pediatric Anesthesiology

DR. Balig Amir

Doctor specializing in Urology and Andrology

Dr. Juan Manuel Poyato

Specialist in Urology, Andrology and Sexual Medicine

DR. Pablo Gilabert

Doctor specializing in Urological and Pediatric Anesthesiology

DR. Francisco Cabello

Psicologist y Sexology expert

DRA. Elena Martínez

Doctor specializing in Male Cosmetic Surgery

DR. Javier Jiménez Barros

Doctor specialists in Radiodiagnosis

DR. Pedro López Pereira

Doctor specializing in Urological and Pediatric Anesthesiology

Elena Mariscal

Nurse specializing in Urology and Andrology

Florence Girard

Nurse specializing in Urology and Andrology

Alicia Villegas

Customer care - Reception

Fernando Díaz

Customer care - Reception

Scientific advisers

We work with a group of external medical and scientific advisers who analyze the rarest and complex cases, ensuring always a second medical opinion to reach the best results.

DRA. Blanca Madurga

Functional, Feminine and Urodynamic Urology

DR. J. Manuel Jiménez

Doctor specializing in Reproduction and Fertility
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Andromedi Clinic Medical Departments

This consultation work would not be possible without a coordinating multidisciplinary team composed of professionals from very different areas and specialties.

Assisted reproduction

We work in collaboration with different Clinics and Assisted Reproduction Centers, such as GINEMED or MASVIDA, where procedures related to Artificial Insemination, In Vitro Fertilization, ICSI, Optical Magnification, Vitrification, Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), etc. are carried out. Sometimes, these clinics serve as the locations where sperm extraction procedures, testicular biopsies and cryopreservation (freezing) of samples are performed.


We have the support of radiological centers and image tests such as the facilities of the Private Medical Clinic of Colón15 in Seville, the NISA Sevilla Aljarafe Hospital, CEMEDI, Resolana or the Medical Imaging Cabinet, where we perform ultrasound scans, testicular and penile Doppler, X-rays, CT, Resonances, etc.


Surgical procedures can be performed, depending on the equipment needed, patient preferences and availability of operating rooms in the different clinics of our city. Examples are the operating rooms of the Colón15 Clinic, Infanta Luisa, Hospital NISA Sevilla Aljarafe, etc.


We have a large team of highly-qualified and effective anesthetists, specially trained in non-invasive techniques such as sedation, analgesia, general, regional, and spinal blockages, laryngeal mask, etc. All these techniques ensure the absence of pain during the procedure with maximum safety for the patient, as well as minimal risks and complications.


The Clinical Analysis and Microbiology laboratories of both the Echevarne and the NISA Sevilla Aljarafe Hospital enable us to obtain quick results in most of the necessary procedures. Thanks to the consultation laboratories with training studies, specialized in Semen Analysis (seminogram), we also have REM, DNA fragmentation, etc. at our disposal, as well as sophisticated study tests like Genetic Studies, Karyotyping, Meiosis Study, FISH, Y Microdeletions, Cystic Fibrosis, etc.


In addition to the personal care provided in the consultation, we connect our patients with a preselected team of trusted psychologists, sexologists, or therapists whenever required. We know how difficult choosing a professional can be when you have such a problem, and we try to link each case to the perfect person, seeking maximum empathy based on experience and results with other patients.

Other professionals

We always remember the important role played by professionals with less obvious but equally important work in our practice such as Nurses (ATS), physiotherapists, teams of administrative assistants, computer specialists, etc. Medical consultation would be impossible without their work.

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