Diego A

I am writing in this forum to share my experience three months after undertaking a three-component prosthesis implant. I feel really good. The implant is wonderful and has brought back happiness and normalcy which are fundamental parts of my life. I still have some discomfort which I believe will disappear, but it doesn’t compare to the possibilities I’m now open to. I have been rejuvenated. In my case, the first fifteen days have been painful because I have not taken any anti-inflammatories due to digestive problems. But the pain has slowly disappeared.


Perhaps, I didn’t catch some of the previously mentioned information on the possible discomfort and pain that can occur because I have been a bit surprised. That said, my pains have diminished and the discomfort is subsiding.


I faced some difficulty trying to activate and deactivate the implant for the first time, but quickly realized it is a fast and comfortable task after getting a clear explanation. My penis is always ready and works perfectly. My body now responds to my sexual desire with the same sensations as those I could fully have with sex without the implant. I want to thank Dr. Natalio Cruz for the great work he has done. And I admit to calling him impatiently some times because I didn’t really expect the pain and sensations.


I would recommend this surgical intervention 100% even for cases of partial dysfunction cases like mine. If I had any idea of the possible result before, I would have made the decision about two years ago and maybe some pretty relationship would have been developed in this period. My intimate life and social relationships have been totally transformed. This intervention has contributed remarkably to make me a much happier person.


If anyone wishes to contact me for further information on any subject, I am available through this email: (Diego)


I hope that Dr. Natalio Cruz continues to contribute his good work to the welfare of many people for years to come.


Thank you very much.


Diego A

Patient implant of penis of three bodies (2017)

September 15, 2017

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