I am 34 years old and I had erectile dysfunction problems for years, to the point of not being able to maintain an erection even with medications such as Cialis or Viagra. I could not have sex. After consulting with several urologists and performing a Doppler echo of the penis, I was later diagnosed with erectile dysfunction due to Venous Leak. After visiting several urologists, some renowned, they indicated that there was no effective treatment for the ailment, offering me only the option of penile prosthesis, which is not reversible. I considered it inappropriate for my age.


One of them recommended Dr. Cruz to me, who performed a very specialized cavernography- CT scan which did not only help identify the specific vein with a leakage causing the blood that had to be kept in the penis to maintain the erection to escape, but went a step further to establish that the situation could be fixed with surgery. This treatment was very innovative and unpopular, but after consulting different specialists and not finding another solution, I decided to go for the operation.


One year after the operation, the result is amazing. As soon as the effect of the anesthesia wore out, I literally started having involuntary erections from the first night. And after a recovery period of about a month and a half, I was capable of having and maintaining normal erections, before returning to a normal sex life after some time. A year after the venous leakage surgical intervention, I was excited to get in touch with the team to indicate that the treatment had been a success as I can now maintain erections normally, without any pain, or side effects. The effectiveness of the operation has been serene and the experience with Dr. Cruz was always close and professional.


With respect to side effects, I only noticed the postoperative ones which were expected, days after surgery. The most annoying side effects were those caused by erections in the first two to three weeks after surgery. The stitches caused so much pain which disappeared as soon as they fell. 


Summarily, everything is perfect. Thank you.



Patient Venous Leak (2019)

March 31, 2019

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