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“I regret having a vasectomy.” A case that affects 20% of operated patients

Vasectomy is carried out on the channels through which sperm move from the testes to the structures leading to the urethra. The operation therefore interrupts the passage of sperm through this channel, a muscular tube which propels sperm outwards.
With this treatment, the sexual function is maintained and ejaculation continues to occur in the same way, with only a reduction of 10% in the flow containing sperm.
There are several myths regarding vasectomy:
– the myth that it can have a negative effect on sexuality
– the myth that it is irreversible.
Ninguno de ellos se ajusta a la realidad. En palabras del propio jefe de urología de la Clínica Andromedi de Sevilla, el Dr. Natalio Cruz, “hay que destacar que desde hace mucho tiempo… Leer más »

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