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What is an orgasm? Is ejaculation the same as orgasm?

Orgasm is a complex subjective sensation experienced with pleasure and is manifested by a series of bodily changes. In the male, ejaculation is the most manifest change. However, there can be ejaculation without pleasure or orgasm and orgasm without ejaculation. In the female, orgasm can be achieved by clitoral stimulation or penetration.

What types of disorders can we find?

The most common disorders in men are delayed ejaculation or orgasm and the absence of orgasm or anorgasmia. In women there may be great difficulty in reaching orgasm or even anorgasmia.

Why does it happen? What causes it?

The causes will be very different depending on whether primary (always) or secondary (before orgasm was normal or easy and it is now difficult or impossible to achieve). In primary cases psychological, cultural, educational or religious factors must be considered. Up to 80% of the secondary cases are due to organic or physical problems, or taking certain medication.

Are there other associated symptoms?

In men this condition may also be associated with erectile dysfunction, lack of interest in sex or ejaculation disorders. In women it often leads to some decrease in desire or arousal difficulties. In both sexes it can be a source of relationship problems.

Can it be treated?

The treatment of orgasmic disorders must be combined in most cases. Treatment will focus on the organic causes which are causing the condition and is frequently supplemented by sexological therapy.

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