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New shockwave treatment device for ED

Shockwave treatment for ED

Does Low Intensity Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy Have a Physiological Effect on Erectile Function? 

Short-Term Results of a Randomized, Double-Blind, Sham Controlled Study.

Renova, the first dedicated shockwave treatment device for ED therapy introducing LSWT Technology 

Linear SW Therapy (LSWT)- the only shockwave technology capable of complete organ coverage. 

Tradicional SW therapy is point focus therapy, SW therapy has evolved : Linear SW Technology (LSWT) is dedicated to the ED application, Optimal coverage.

Renova´s linear shockwave transducer addresses the ED application with a optimal coverage of shaft and crura.

Renova´s LSWT transducer utilizes electromagnetic technology which enables a usar an patient friendly treatment protocol.

How frequent can Peyronie’s disease be among men? What is its prevalence?

Although deformities of the penis are common, they are rarely pathological. However, it is estimated that between one and three per cent of all men of reproductive age have Peyronie’s disease.

There are groups of men with a greater predisposition to the disease such as those over 70 years of age (6.5 per cent have Peyronie’s curvature) or those with prostate pathologies (8.4 per cent).

Prevalence studies of Peyronie’s disease are often difficult to document given the scarce information of clinical interest provided by the relatively few patients who seek medical help.

Can homoeopathy correct Peyronie’s disease?

The homoeopathic treatments for Peyronie’s disease (such as fluoric calcarea, causticum, chelidonium compose and tuberculinum) are not clear even among homoeopaths themselves and furthermore, they have not been documented and scientifically evidenced enough to be considered effective and safe. In our opinion, it is best to turn to a qualified urologist/andrologist for any deformity or discomfort in the penis.

Are vacuum pumps beneficial for Peyronie’s?

The popular penis vacuum pumps can be dangerous if the patient has Peyronie’s disease because the exaggerated increase in blood volume in the corpora cavernosa could cause pain and encourage the fibrotic process to advance and grow. 

It is best not to use this type of device if you suffer from any morphological alteration of the penis without medical supervision.

What action does verapamil have on Peyronie’s curvature? Can it be useful in treatment?

Creams or ointments with verapamil can stimulate the synthesis of enzymes such as endogenous (i.e. produced by the same organism) collagenase at the place of application. 

Remember that collagenase is a catalytic enzyme that destroys excess collagen fibres. Applying a drug of this type increases enzyme synthesis and decreases the fibrous scar that directly or indirectly produces penile curvature.

Is it true that Peyronie’s disease can be cured with herbs and home remedies? Is it safe to perform them?

Hundreds of thousands of home techniques can be found on the Internet to treat diseases like Peyronie’s with herbal remedies and substances obtained from them. 

However, these remedies have not been scientifically proven based on accepted parameters of safety and trust, so it is not recommended performing them. The consequences could be worse than the current state of the disease.

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