Are there cases in which it occurs in combination with other problems that affect erection or sexuality?

If several symptoms appear in the same patient, this does not necessarily mean they are related. For example, if there’s Venous Leakage with Premature Ejaculation or Infertility, it is very likely that there is no relationship between them. However, if you have an acquired curve (Peyronie), the connection should be studied since there is probably a direct relationship due to a structural problem in the penile anatomy. Here is another example that may be related; in addition to the vascular problems typical of this disease, a significant number of patients present with anxiety problems related to sex because they are men who experience much frustration from their sexual relations.

What’s the price? How much does the entire treatment cost?

We know that people who come to our website ask for a specific figure to get a quick idea about the cost, but unfortunately, like is the case with other treatments, it is difficult to provide this because first, you have to diagnose the extent of the problem for each case. At the Andromedi Clinic, we believe that giving a budget that does not work for everyone equally (which can increase or decrease with the medical discoveries we make during consultation) is something that, besides being unethical, can frustrate the people concerned.

With treatments like vasectomy, where all patients receive very similar care, we can give an almost definitive figure. But in this case, each patient is different since there are multiple variables that affect a clear answer about "how much it costs". We believe that medical practice, including the important economic point, should be something more human, more personal, with greater patience and dedication.

You can request for an individualized quote without any obligations through the contact area of our website, through the e-mail or telephone 648 862 033 (with prefix +34 for international calls). We will be happy to help you find the best way to carry it out.

Is it covered by Social Security? Is there any health insurance at the Andromedi clinic?

Currently, this treatment is mainly offered in the private sector, since Spanish Social Security covers only certain cases and especially in certain Autonomous Communities. We advise that you request information locally to see if you can benefit from that coverage.

As for medical insurance at our Clinic in Seville, we do not work with any of them because our center is 100% independent.

I've seen adverts about using low-intensity shock waves to treat this ailment. Do shock waves really work?

Generally, venous leakage patients don’t have the ideal profile to receive shock wave treatment. The best solution for this condition is specific surgical intervention. It might not be harmful and could end up helping to increase the erectile capacity, although this treatment is not for this pathology.

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