Does varicocele predispose the patient to testicular cancer?

There are no studies that show that the presence of varicocele contributes as a direct cause in testicular cancer, however, the two conditions can coexist in an individual.

What results can I expect after a varicocelectomy?
When varicocelectomy is performed in a young patient, with an adequate surgical approach and an optimal medical-surgical team, very favourable results can be observed, such as:
  • Improved sperm quality in 50-70% of the cases operated on.
  • There is a great rate of pregnancies after the operation, ranging between 30 and 60%, usually the pregnancy is achieved after 8 months to a year of the varicocelectomy.
  • The deterioration of testicular function and tissue is stopped and there is also an improvement in testosterone levels.
  • The decrease in testicle size can be reversed if it is done at the time of diagnosis. In most adolescents and young adults, the testicle increases in size after varicocele surgery.
What are the recovery and post-operative care that must be taken?

It is a short surgery, lasts approximately less than an hour, the time of hospitalization is usually 24 hours, to assess the presence of immediate complications.

Daily activities can be resumed after 48-72 hours, as long as the person does not have a routine that involves great physical effort.

It is recommended to do light physical exercise and resume sexual activity after 3 weeks of surgery, after the surgeon has checked that the surgical wound is healing well and that no complications have developed.

Within the care, it is very important to clean the surgical wound with antiseptic solutions, changing the bandages daily. For the inflammation and discomfort that can occur in the testicles, it is recommended to use anti-inflammatory analgesics prescribed by the treating physician and to apply local cold.

Is there any relation between varicocele and infertility?

It has been shown that the presence of varicocele directly influences a man's fertility. Figures show that 30 to 40% of men who present infertility have this pathology.  

Varicocele generates greater oxidative stress and alterations in the genetic load of the sperm, a product of venous reflux and the elevation of scrotal temperature that leads to testicular dysfunction.

Can a man with varicocele lead to a natural pregnancy?
This will depend on the grade of varicocele the man has, if he has a mild grade and short time of evolution which has not affected his sperm quality, he can achieve pregnancy of the couple without problems. It is important to take into account that the greater the grade and time of evolution of the disease, the more the fertility of the individual will be compromised.
Can varicocele reduce libido?
There is no direct cause for men suffering from varicocele to have decreased sexual desire, however, in severe forms of the disease, there is a decrease in testosterone levels, which could lead to decreased libido, in severe cases it could be a reason for sexual impotence.
Can you have sex if you have varicocele?
Yes, in case the pain or discomfort in the testicles does not represent a problem to carry out the sexual act.