Are there any contraindications to opting for this treatment?
The only contraindications to receiving this type of treatment are cases in which the size of the prostate exceeds 100 grams of total mass (for which an open surgical intervention would be required) or patients who are taking anticoagulant drugs because they increase the risk of bleeding.
I am taking anticoagulant medications. Should I stop for treatment?

Yes, it is necessary to stop taking drugs of this type (such as warfarin or aspirin) given the risk of bleeding and bleeding during or after the medical procedure.

The required time of abstinence from these drugs is 10 days before and 10 days after the procedure with the REZUM ™ system. This is a standard protocol not only for this urological treatment but for most minimally invasive procedures.

How does the tissue reabsorption process occur if the blood vessels were occluded?

The REZUM ™ technique does not completely eliminate the transition zone within the prostate where there is a large number of blood vessels that progressively provide lymphocytes and macrophages responsible for engulfing and digesting dead cells from the injury site.

Cellular debris that is not digested is slowly but surely drained into the systemic circulation whereby the site of the "injury" retracts from the outside to the inside.

How long does the intervention take?
The REZUM ™ system is astonishingly fast and typically takes three to seven minutes.
What might you feel after treatment with the REZUM system? Is it normal to feel discomfort?

It is completely normal for about 20% of patients undergoing BPH treatment with the REZUM ™ system to experience discomfort when urinating (dysuria), as well as for 11% to perceive some traces of blood in their urine (hematuria).

These signs are usually mild, transitory and last a few days.

Is it necessary for the patient to take any medication after the treatment?

Not at all.

In fact, many patients coming from drug treatments to prevent prostate hyperplasia (such as tamsulonsin) stop taking them after treatment with the REZUM ™ system.