Risk factors

Having an "unbalanced" sex life, with very frequent partner changes or a high number of unprotected sexual intercourse without latex condoms can increase the chance of getting syphilis in the future.

The existence of other sexually transmitted infections (such as HIV) is also often a recurrent history of syphilis.

How to prevent it?
The correct and regular use of latex condoms is an important way to reduce the incidence of this disease, especially among the young population, the most affected. Also, avoiding unhygienic sexual practices or having sex with overly promiscuous people helps prevent the infection from spreading.
If i am infected, can i have sex?
Although doctors recommend reducing the frequency of sexual relations, provided that the patient is in medical control, constant check-ups and also protects him or herself and their only partner with the use of latex condoms when having sexual encounters, there are no drawbacks to maintaining an active and responsible sexual life.

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