I've read that premature ejaculation is incurable, and can only be controlled. Is this true?

To say that premature ejaculation has a definitive cure would be quite inaccurate, not only because it usually results from multiple causes (which must be treated individually) but also because the experience is usually as subjective as it is difficult to explain.

There are cases of men with premature ejaculation who do not present with significant problems when performing sexually, mainly because they know how to "compensate" the short coitus durations with satisfactory foreplay or manual stimulation of other erogenous zones.

Controlled premature ejaculation makes a smooth sex life possible while allowing the opportunity for medical treatments to take effect. Is this a total cure? Well, looking only at the present and not in the future where some regression or a stage of relapse could occur, it heals and can be considered a cure.  

Is There Something Similar In Women?

The various stages of sex in women are different from what men experience. Orgasms in females are usually less intense but more durable compared to the male orgasm (which ends in ejaculation).

"Female ejaculation" is an extremely rare sexual phenomenon, even though it can occur. In such cases, the ejaculation occurs towards the end of orgasm, suddenly decreasing sexual desire.

Very few cases have been reported of female ejaculation occurring so abruptly that it leads to low sexual performance. That said, psychotherapy may help to delay orgasms in women as is the case in men.

Is There A Relationship Between Erectile Dysfunction And Premature Ejaculation?

Erectile dysfunction doesn’t necessarily appear with premature ejaculation, although the anxiety and worry from one could lead to the other. The prevalence of this "combined" condition is usually very low, with the treatment even more complex and profound, includingsexual psychotherapy in combination with drugs that delay ejaculattion.

Why Do I Have Premature Ejaculation During Sexual Relationships, But Not When I Masturbate?

When this happens, the premature ejaculation is most likely caused by emotional irregularities like inferiority complex, problems related to other people, or feelings of guilt.

In such cases, the psychotherapist specialized in human sexology can provide you with the tools needed to overcome the specific problems (learn to think and feel) and reach an optimal state of mental health.

Could Premature Ejaculation be a Temporary problem which occurs sporadically?

At certain points in time, episodes of premature ejaculation may occur and then disappear during other sexual encounters.

For the specialist tasked with treating such cases, it is often very difficult to determine (or check) whether the premature ejaculation responds to a specific factor or is a subjective experience of the patient. For instance, when the expectations of the sexual relationship in time and quality do not correspond to the actual performance.

A complete medical examination, ranging from the patient's lifestyles, to the level of sexual performance should provide sufficient understanding about the actuality and extent of the problem.

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