My son was operated in another clinic and the result has not been satisfactory. Does he have the option of a second operation?

Some cases of hypospadias may reappear a few months after being operated on, with the appearance of fistulas usually the main setback. It is possible to re-intervene with a good prognosis in most of such cases, but we must always assess the patient's condition carefully because each new intervention adds instability in the tissues of the affected area. You can only enter the operating room again after a substantial period of time and the reasons why the previous one was not successful must be well analyzed. This explains why the knowledge and analytical capacity of an experienced team such as ours are basic aspects to be taken into account by the parents. In other words, it is a surgery that must be performed by a medical team of proven ability.

Is this pathology covered by Social Security or is it usually done in the field of private medicine?

In Spain, all the cases usually have public medical coverage by the state or regional service. However, there are many parents who prefer to go to private medical centers (whether they have medical insurance or not) regardless of the price. This choice which often involves a cost on the family finances is usually guided by two main reasons. The first is the freedom to choose the professional doctor and the second is to shorten the waiting periods which are sometimes quite lengthy. Both are important issues to take into account since the successful correction of hypospadias depends a lot on the expertise and experience of the surgeon, and it is a condition that needs to be addressed with some urgency i.e. in the first months of the child's life (before 15 months).

Does the intervention have repercussions on the development (size, length or thickness) of my child's penis in the future? And is there any impact on erection, ejaculation, orgasm or fertility?

After a well planned and executed intervention, the resulting phalloplasty leaves the penis of the child without any present or future sexual or urinary problems. So, it is perfectly prepared for its development at puberty without any type of sequela. This further highlights the importance of choosing the surgical team since it is a very sensitive operation that could end up with setbacks in the future if not executed perfectly.

I had mild hypospadias. Is it hereditary? Can it be passed genetically to my future children?
Indeed, there is a certain predisposition for family genetic inheritance. This does not mean that in 100% of cases it is guaranteed that their offspring will have this anomaly, but there is a chance of them having it. Dr. Pedro Lopez Pereira, renowned urologist who has treated hundreds of patients in his long experience at the Hospital Universitario La Paz in the Community of Madrid is the head of our Pediatric Unit and the person who performs all interventions and follows up with the results.

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