Can this disease have complications related to fertility or reproduction?

Yes. If the infection is prolonged and not properly treated, reproductive damage may occur. It could also leave sequelae in terms of the size, shape or appearance of the testicle due to abnormal development or the extended lack of blood flow.

What is chronic epididymitis? How is it different from the common condition?
While common epididymitis (as well as orchitis or orchiepididymitis) usually has a favorable prognosis because the patient responds favorably to the antibiotics provided. We understand that chronic epididymitis has more chances of reappearing again and again or lasts over a prolonged period of time. These cases (more common in adults) are more sensitive and should be treated more keenly so that the causes of recurrence can be found and dealt with in a different plane.
Can you have sex or ejaculate while the infection is being treated?

In a more acute phase of the infection, it is most likely for the patient not have a full erection or sexual desire due to pain and discomfort. Once the treatment begins and the inflammation and discomfort go away, masturbation or sexual intercourse can resume, although with some caution and care. There are some sexual positions more appropriate than others since they minimize friction in the scrotal area. Do not be afraid or embarrassed to consult with your urologist, we are on your side.

Dr. Pedro Lopez Pereira, a renowned urologist who has treated hundreds of children in his long experience at the Hospital La Paz in the Community of Madrid is the head of our Pediatric Unit and he performs all the interventions in addition to following up the results.

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