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Andromedi opens a new Clinic in the Canary Islands

Since February 1st, patients in the Canary Islands have a new help to solve their problems in Urology, Andrology, and Sexual Medicine.
Specifically, Andromedi, the health company founded and directed by Dr. Natalio Cruz, will open its practice in La Laguna, while locating its operating room in La Orotava, both as external collaborators of the Vida Clinics in Tenerife.
The Andromedi clinic has an annual volume of thousands of patients, who come from both inside and outside of Spain, as they are leaders in cutting-edge treatments such as penile prosthesis or prostate surgery without any after-effects for the patient.
Some of the treatments that will be offered privately in this new… Leer más »

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Until what age does the penis develop? At what age does it stop growing?

Ever since the formation of the fetus, the penis is growing and developing but, by and large, the most notable stage is around the age of thirteen. We can say that after the age of eighteen, the penis will have acquired its final form, i.e. Neither size nor shape will vary much …… although every body is unique and in some people this development may continue for a few more years (or even stop developing earlier).
Dr. Natalio CruzJefe del servicio de AndrologíaEl Dr. Cruz, con 25 años de experiencia médica, ha sido hasta 2016 Jefe de la Unidad de Andrología en el Servicio de Urología del Hospital Virgen del Rocío de Sevilla, Coordinador Nacional de Andrología de la Asociación Española de Urología (AEU) y… Leer más »

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Why do men wake up with an erection in the morning?

Waking up with an erection is a curious but often uncomfortable phenomenon that much of the world’s population has to deal with quite regularly. What is the scientific explanation behind this “Morning Power”?
Nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT), using the correct terminology, refers to spontaneous erections that occur during sleep or when waking up. All men, without erectile dysfunction, normally have these erections around three to five times during sleep.
NPT actually begins in the womb (yes, seriously, in the womb!) and continues throughout life. Women also experience arousal in their clitoris during sleep, as is also the case in many non-human mammals.
Although some different theories have been proposed in recent years to explain NPT, its cause remains 100% uncertain. As in clitoral erections, they… Leer más »

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It’s official….. the average penis size is 13cm (at least in the Western world)

At long last, a study to do away with much of the controversy about penis size and perhaps at the same time ease the problems shared by many people throughout the Western world, starting of course with Spain.
According to new research, the average length of the erect penis in Europe and around the North Western Hemisphere is little more than “13 centimetres”, or about 5 inches. Moreover, the same study highlights that there is no decisive association between foot size and length of the penis, so women can stop judging men by the size of their shoes.
You can read the full study in BJU International.
Although many men claim to be within an average size of penis, this can be a bit misleading,… Leer más »

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New Low Intensity Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

Low Intensity Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction. An effective treatment to Cure Impotence.
Shockwave therapy is effective in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. A new application of shockwave generators can cure impotence.
We have dedicated a special section to this treatment which can be found on the following link:
More information on Low Intensity Shockwave Therapy
Dr. Natalio CruzJefe del servicio de AndrologíaEl Dr. Cruz, con 25 años de experiencia médica, ha sido hasta 2016 Jefe de la Unidad de Andrología en el Servicio de Urología del Hospital Virgen del Rocío de Sevilla, Coordinador Nacional de Andrología de la Asociación Española de Urología (AEU) y Secretario General de la ESSM, cargos que ha delgado para centrarse de lleno en el ilusionante proyecto de ofrecer una… Leer más »

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8 Keys to understanding congenital penile curvature (CPC)

1.- congenital penile curvature (CPC) is caused by an asymmetric embryonic development of the corpora cavernosa. This curve of the penis during erection is usually ventral, and can be so severe (even more than 90 degrees) that sex can be very difficult or even impossible.
2. It is a relatively common disease in the Andrology office. According to some authors, a certain degree of penile curvature can be observed in up to 4 out of 10 men. In more severe cases, it can seriously affect sex and can cause psychological concern. It will require special handling by the specialist and a sensitive approach.
3. Two main types of congenital curvature of the phallus can be found, depending on the development of the corpus spongiosum: those… Leer más »

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Andrology Textbook

This Textbook, in Spanish, provides updated knowledge on Andrology. It is the result of joint efforts of many professionals, friends and colleagues. This ambitious project, developed by the generous contributions of many different authors involved in Iberoamerican Andrology, is particularly aimed at doctors, biologists and other health professionals in training, together with residents, medical specialists and all staff involved in patient care in the field of Sexual Medicine and Human Reproduction who wish to complete or update their training.
Its contents are grouped into two volumes for easier reading. The first one consists of a chapter with an introduction to the history of Iberoamerican Andrology, and four sections covering pediatric Andrology, Male Infertility, male contraception, disorders of sexual identity and gender reassignment.
The second volume… Leer más »

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“I regret having a vasectomy.” A case that affects 20% of operated patients

Vasectomy is carried out on the channels through which sperm move from the testes to the structures leading to the urethra. The operation therefore interrupts the passage of sperm through this channel, a muscular tube which propels sperm outwards.
With this treatment, the sexual function is maintained and ejaculation continues to occur in the same way, with only a reduction of 10% in the flow containing sperm.
There are several myths regarding vasectomy:
– the myth that it can have a negative effect on sexuality
– the myth that it is irreversible.
Ninguno de ellos se ajusta a la realidad. En palabras del propio jefe de urología de la Clínica Andromedi de Sevilla, el Dr. Natalio Cruz, “hay que destacar que desde hace mucho tiempo… Leer más »

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